Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gwen's wedding

Thayne's sister got married last month in Maryland. Thayne, Tyson, and I flew down for the weekend wedding. It was crazy with all 9 siblings together but fun to see everybody. I love Tyson's suit for the reception. Doesn't he look smashing? The boys: Thayne and his 4 brothers with the bride. The girls: 4 sisters and 4 in-laws.

Halloween Fun

We had a fun halloween. Tyson still doesn't understand the whole trick or treating stuff but he loves the candy. Tyson was a bat this year. One of his best friends was also a bat (his mom and I shop the same clearance sales). I was a cow and Thayne was the trigeminol(sp?) nerve. Don't worry if you don't get that. We went to our ward's party and then to the mall for their trick or treating activity. Thayne and I also went to an adult party. We gotta be more creative with our costumes next year. We struggle coming up with costumes for us.
We fed the missionaries on Halloween night. We played some tricks on them and had spooky spaghetti. We also swapped the drink for jello. Earlier in the week I stole an idea from a friend and we had grave yard shepherd's pie. I love making these fun meals.