Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kenzie's turn

I believe Kenz was a month old in this picture
 Kenzie's 2 month old stats: Height - 23 inches (50%), Weight - 11 lbs 6 oz (50%), Head Circumference - 16 inches (75th)
She has big old chipmunk cheeks that I love. She's also starting to get a few more rolls. She has exzema already all over her arms, face and back. She is smiling a lot now but didn't smile until she was 9 weeks old. She's scared of Lexi because of Lexi's smothering and poking. Poor baby.... It's hard being the third child.

Tyson was given these directions and told to draw a picture. His picture is below.


Thayne turned 30 this year. We went to a maple farm and out to dinner.  We had some bigger plans but they have been put on hold due to weather and his boards. Hopefully we'll get around to our bigger plans soon.
Tyson turned 5 this year. He wants to be an astronaut so I made him a spaceship cake. He chose to go to Red Robin on his birthday. We went to Red Robin for Thayne's birthday and Tyson wants to be just like dad so he chose to do the same thing. Here's a few things about our 5 year old: He is very smart. Usually he will ask before he does Everything. Sometimes this is nice but it also is annoying. He loves to learn and is a great helper when he wants to be. He is very inquisitive and is a great big brother. I think Tyson and Kenzie are going to have a special relationship. He sure loves her! He is in to playing games and loves to make them up. He's always asking if I'll play with him and then won't tell me how to play and gets upset when I play incorrectly. Silly boy! Tyson is 42 inches tall and 39 pounds. 75th percentile for height and 50th for weight. He's one of the shorter boys in his class so I have a hard time believing he is in the 75th percentile.

Lexi turned 3 and got a princess castle cake. Lexi is such a fun little girl to be around and I love how happy she is most of the time. She is very independent and her face lights up when she smiles. She is very independent and NEVER asks for anything. She just gets whatever she wants herself. This has caused problems but usually makes a low maintenance child. She's a lot of fun to hang out with during the day. She loves to do whatever Tyson does. She loves clothes, shoes, jewelry, bows, princesses, and books. She is very girly and will only wear dresses and skirts. She is 37 inches tall and weighs 31 pounds. 50th percentile for both.

I love Lexi's face in this picture.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

more talking

 Tyson never stops talking. Seriously NEVER. He hates it when Thayne and I try to talk to each other. However, he does say some funny things. He loves to talk about the solar system. He can tell you so much and he loves to tell everybody about each planet. Venus has sulfuric acid. Pluto and Ceres are dwarf planets. He can tell you the order of the planets from the sun and the order of the planets smallest to largest. He can tell you what the Kuiper Belt is even though I don't know what it is. He can also tell you about the asteroid belt, moon, sun, meteors, etc. A special thanks goes to Ms. Frizzle and space google for helping Tyson learn about all this.

T: "When I grow up, I'm going to be the best astronaut ever and put Pluto back together as a real planet."
Love the picture but don't want to pay $$ so I took a picture of it

T: "I cannot wait to grow my chest hair."

T: "When Kenzie turns 2, I'm going to get a baby brother"

Flat Stanley is visiting us from my cousin's class in Utah
Funny things Tyson says during prayer:
Please bless us to not be hyper
Please bless Lexi to  ... be nicer, learn to not bite, behave, etc  (he loves praying that Lexi will make better choices)
Please bless the days to be longer and the days to be shorter
Please bless us to move to Watertown after Idaho
Please bless mommy and daddy to say more talks at church (He thinks we want to give talks at church because he loves to give talks) 

T: "Mom, have you heard of the movie _____? " (Usually some random movie that nobody has heard of.)
M: "No"
T: "It's a classic"

T: "Christopher thinks that stars make the Milky Way. I told him he was wrong. God made the Milky Way"

T: "My tummy tickles a little bit. It must be the teeny tiny little atoms running through it."

M: "Lexi, we're gonna go to Wal-mart"
L: "No! Wexi wants to go to Target"
haha! Apparently shopping preferences start early.

She still has lots of opinions about how to dress. I feel like I'm going to hit heads with my kids over enough stuff that I don't want to add to the list. Crazy, cute girl :)

 T: "I can't believe that lady would smoke on my birthday."
I also got locked out of the house on his birthday and he couldn't believe we got locked out on his birthday. Poor 5 year old is starting out with a lot of disappointment.
We're working on our double chin. I LOVE it! Totally trying to get a sumo baby.

McKenzie's blessing

 We blessed little Kenzie on April 14th. Grandma and Grandpa Gardner came and spent the weekend with us. Pictures with kiddos after church did not work. Tyson was crazy, Kenzie was screaming, and Lexi was being camera shy. Not the best photogenic moment for this family.

 Kenzie is done with pictures