Thursday, December 11, 2008

random cute pictures of Tyson

Breakfast with Santa

Tyson and I had breakfast with Santa at the mall this week. It was sooo much fun. We ate breakfast, met Santa, rode the carousel, got a new hat and a free ice cream cone. All of this was provided by the mall for free. Can't beat that!

packing peanuts = food

Tyson loves packing peanuts. Let me rephase that. Tyson loves to EAT packing peanuts. Grandma and Grandpa Gardner's Christmas presents came today and Tyson got so excited so I scooped him up and put him in the box of peanuts. He started to pick the peanuts up by handfuls and shove them in his mouth. He still doesn't have teeth and therefore tried to swallow the peanuts and threw up his milk in the process. This happens all the time now. He's always interested in eating whatever is on our plate and forgets the fact that he doesn't have any teeth. Poor thing. It's tough being so little.