Monday, March 17, 2014

Tyson trying on the cowboy stuff at the store one day. He's fitting in as a true country boy. We just got to get him to a rodeo or demolition derby this summer.

we stumbled upon this rare sight in Twin one night. We're not sure what was going on but Thayne wants to join this club.

Thayne's picture he painted one day while playing with the kids. I think he got his favorite things in this picture. BYU mountains, Ocean, and sun.
I've been trying to remember to record some of the kid's funny sayings.

Tyson: I wonder why my hair grows so much. I think my body wants to be a girl.

Lexi talks about the sun a lot. She'll always tell you what the sun is doing and where it is.

Tyson usually wants to be an engineer when he grows up but he also likes the ipad a lot so sometimes he wants to work with ipads.

Tyson: How much longer are you going to annoy me?
Lexi: 2 more minutes (she gets told this a lot)

Tyson: see that big, big, house. It's a high school.

We live in one of the two places in the US where it is legal to bridge jump so on a warm, nice day you can go watch the bridge jumpers. One day we passed the bridge and this is what Lexi said.
 Lexi: I want to come back tomorrow and jump off the bridge. 
She has no fear. I do not doubt she would.

Lexi: Look! An animal (points to a potato bug)

We've convinced Lexi that if she eats her veggies (especially the trees aka broccoli) she'll grow long hair like Rapunzel.


Life keeps rolling along. Kenzie recently turned 1 (Feb. 4th) and the two older kids will be 4 and 6 soon. I feel like I'm getting old. I have pictures of Kenzie's birthday cake on Thayne's phone that I'll add sometime. We went to McD's and she got her first happy meal. The kids all had fun playing at the playplace and then we had cupcakes. Easy, chill, no stress. Just the way I like it. Kenzie still isn't walking. She'll be 14 months old in a week and I think we have another month before she walks. She finally stands by herself but has no interest in taking a step. She claps, high fives, and dishes out smiles like candy. She is really easy going most of the time. We all love her around here.
Here's her one year stats: Weight: 18.5#s (30%), Height: 28in (13%), Head Circumference: 18.5 in (94%)
Bath time is one of her favorite times. She has excema and super sensitive skin so we're not supposed to bathe her too much or her skin breaks out.

Tyson was a part of the Read Like an Eagle program here in Twin Falls. He earned free tickets to a CSI basketball game and a free t-shirt. The kids loved the game. They loved climbing the bleachers and watching the dancers. The kids were honored before the game and got to parade out on the court.

Where's Waldo or Tyson?
We didn't have very many babysitters in Buffalo but the kids love when we get a babysitter here. One of the girls hung flashlights from their ceiling and we came home to very hyper kids. We all love our cute babysitters.
Kenzie loves to eat! I quit nursing her around 12 months old and she has fattened out quite a bit! Apparently I make skim milk. I love the chunky babes.

We rented Just Dance one weekend and had lots of fun dancing.
Daddy makes a good pillow
We heart attacked Mary(our adopted grandma that we visit) for FHE one night.
We've had some beautiful weather and the girls think this is the best way to ride in a swing.
Tyson's picture for dental awareness month. Those are happy teeth in the mouth. Tyson learned about cavities and plaque at school. He sounds like the son of a dentist now.
Kenzie went from 2 teeth to 10 teeth recently and it has been hard!
We have been playing the flour game for FHE and with friends. It's a mess but always a hit.
This kid is a reading machine. He loves to read and reads everything now. It's a lot of fun to see. Notice the black eye. He ran into the mailbox on the way to school one morning. When asked what happened, he would say he got in a fight with the mailbox and the mailbox won!

utah and more cell phone pix

We were able to attend a family event. Yay! So glad to be able to see family again. My cousin got home from his mission and they had his luncheon at a firehouse and the kids got to go for a ride on a firetruck.

riding the firetruck with cousins.
little poser
Kenzie loves balloons. She entertained herself quite well while Thayne visited with friends from England.
Uncle Adam is sooooo fun!! He taught the cousins how to be a proper zombie and a ferocious dinosaur. It was really funny to watch.
Frog hopper at Trafalga

Friends from England/roommies and their fams. So fun to catch up.
Lexi posing in the snow

christmas misses

I found a bunch of pictures on our phones from Christmas so these are all from then. We went to Temple Square on our way to see family. It was awesome. No crowds and lots of lights. Christmas day is the time to go. Poor Lexi was sick Christmas morning so we carried a pitcher around just in case she needed to throw up. She didn't but we were prepared. ;)
Grandpa and Kenz
See the throw up pitcher?