Thursday, November 29, 2012

fall happenings

Raking leaves is so much fun for kids!

Thayne visited Tyson's school during career week and taught the kids about what he does at work and how to take good care of their teeth. Tyson and Lexi are both on the left.
Silly kids. Yes, Lexi dresses herself.

Carving pumpkins. We tried carving President Monson in a pumpkin this year. We also tried using an electric drill to help make the carving process more efficient.  We failed on both accounts.

I love that Lexi is trying to steal the knife in this picture. She's a fast one. You've got to keep an eye on her. 
Speaking of Lexi and her craziness. She definitely keeps us on our toes. I've had to call poison control twice with her and take her to the ER once (possible tylenol overdose - she loves medicine and can get any cap off medicine. Tyson still can't do that). She will dump dishwasher soap or paint all over the floor if you turn your back on her. She doesn't ask before she does anything. Super independent child with a mind of her own. If you tell her no, she just ignores you and figures out a way to get what she wants. What am I going to do with her?!

There was an accident right in front of our house one day. The kids watched the fire truck, ambulance, police cars, and everything for about 2 hours. We even ate dinner in our toy room so we could keep watching what was going on.

catch up

The dentist's kid sleeping with their toothbrush
Our friends, the Porters, came to visit us this past summer and this was the only picture I took from the whole time they were here! Shame on me!
We LOVE apple and berry picking!

Watch out! Here I come to get you.

First day of Pre-kindergarten!! What a big boy!

halloween 2012

big 30

I hit the big 30 this year. I love that Thayne doesn't have midterms during my birthday anymore.  He also had the afternoon off randomly so we took off to a pumpkin farm and then went to PF Changs.  Birthdays are starting to feel over rated now that I'm over the thirty mark. :(

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

thousand islands

One of the places that we're looking at moving after Thayne's done with his residency is Watertown, NY. We've visited a couple times and have really enjoyed our time there. If only it was a little closer to a temple, family, and an airport. There are some definite perks if we move there. One of which is Thayne's boss is a good friend that we trust and know that he would treat us well. We'll probably be making the big decision in the next couple of months but until then enjoy the pictures. Most of these pictures are from the 1000 island area of NY. Andrew's parents (Andrew is our friend and potential employer) live on the waterfront on one of the islands. We've stayed with them when we've visited in the past. Right out the window of their house is Boldt Castle on Heart Island. It is a stunning view.

Tyson rarely naps. He was so exhausted from boating he just snuggled up and went to sleep.
This is Boldt Castle on Heart Island.

These next pictures are all from Boldt Castle.  George Boldt, general manager of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in NYC, made the castle for his wife. She passed away right before it was finished and the castle is now open to tourists. Each year restorations and improvements are made to make it the grand building that George Boldt wanted it to be.

Some areas have not been restored yet.
This is the lady the castle was built for. I think they had a different idea of beauty back then.

dancing in the castle's ballroom.

Best way to end a castle tour is with ice cream!