Thursday, October 31, 2013

the farm

 We have joined a music group here in Twin Falls and one week we went to a farm. This wasn't like the farm that I grew up on. It was a play farm or a hobby farm. The kids loved it. I have no desire to have a farm but this place almost made me think it could be fun. While there we saw a mouse climb this bush. So weird!
 The farm had polish chickens. They were the coolest, funniest chickens I have ever seen.

 Lexi got to hold a rabbit while sitting on Kenzie's lap who was sitting on my lap.

Our cute music class.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I took a nap today during the kid's nap/quiet time and when I woke up I went to check on Lexi. She wasn't in her room like she was supposed to be. She was in the pantry playing with syrup, honey and chocolate chips. Oh man! It was a mess. Stickiness everywhere.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Kenzie is growing and now moving. She loves the camera and hamming it up. She won't eat baby food but if there is food on my plate, she wants it and will eat it. Last night I made chicken noodle soup for dinner and she was the only kid that ate it. She seems petite but still has chubby legs. She has the cutest scrunched up nose look that she does but I had a hard time capturing it on camera. She army crawls and babbles. We all adore her. Warning: picture overload.


Lexi loves to tease baby sister. She tells me all the time that she wants her own baby.  She is a smothering mother.
Thayne looks so cute with his girls!

Tyson played soccer and Lexi would get jealous especially when the treats were given out at the end of the game. Luckily for her, most parents would bring extra.

Lexi tried on a wedding veil. She was sooooo happy. You would have thought it was her wedding day!

Good thing these markers are washable. She drew all over the living room and kitchen.


 Tyson played Fall soccer this year. It totally wasn't his thing but I think he had a little bit of fun. We tried to bribe him to go after the ball.  He wasn't very aggressive and insisted that he would prefer to coach. Ha! He loved the snacks after the game.

 Our friends, the Ricks, came for a visit in September. Kandis drove up with her mom and sister and kiddos and they wanted to see Shoshone Falls and the temple. They drained the falls the week they were here and the temple was closed! I felt so bad. I didn't know and they made the long drive here.  Hayden is so tall! He towered over Tyson. Tyson still has his picture of Hayden and Hugh next to his bed. Good thing because these boys would not hold still for the camera!

Tyson started Kindergarten. He has Mrs. Stanger in the afternoon. I think we were both ready for full day Kindergarten but oh well. I've already gotten a call from his teacher that he is kissing too much at school. For the most part he loves it and so do I. We go to church with his teacher. He comes home and tells me all about everything. He has an amazing memory. He was really excited to ride the bus but the first day he got on the bus the only open spot was in the back. When he got to our bus stop, I climbed on the bus and saw a very scared little boy. He was brave and didn't cry on the bus but he sure did after. He said the big kids were so loud and scary. Apparently kindergarten kids are supposed to sit in the first couple of rows but we didn't know that and his bus driver was a sub that day. We'll all eventually adjust, right? I hope I feel more comfortable at some time and don't have to keep following the bus. This raising kid thing is going to bring me grey hair.

Tyson got his first Lego set. He loves it. It's all he played with for days. I love seeing his creations and how absorbed he gets following all the instructions.