Saturday, May 27, 2017

January 2017

Uncle Trevor and his girlfriend came over one night and we played the flour game. Always a favorite at this house. :)

Fun with Silly Putty
Kenzie called Aunt Joy one day and she invited Kenz over for a sleepover. It was snowing a lot so Aunt Joy, her friend Bonnie, and Bonnie's 99 year old mother came to pick Kenzie up on the trax. It was quite the sight. So cute. Kenz and these 3 sweet old ladies greeting her at the door. Kenzie got a little homesick and I had to go get her the next day. Lexi didn't mind. She stayed with Aunt Joy instead.

Lexi's self proclaimed traits - happy, sweet, faithful, careful, and silly
Rachel made these awesome silhouettes for our office. I LOVE them.

Lounging at the car show - it's not really my thing

2017 car show
Tyson getting his wolf. Since then Tyson has completed every elective Wolf Badge possible. His cubmaster has never seen a boy do this and awarded him with a pocket knife. Tyson was sooooo happy.
We bought a bunch of gift cards for the business and got free cheesecake slices. The kids had fun picking a slice of cheesecake.
And she keeps growing...

Decmber 2016 part 2

Prepping the wall for the London scene

Lexi got her ears pierced on Christmas Eve! Since then we have realized that her ears get infected really easily, just like mine. :(

Pregnant Mary
Christmas morning

Friday, May 26, 2017

December 2016

Visiting Santa at This is the Place Monument.

We went to my mom's cousins wedding anniversary party and Thayne's mission president was there. He was so excited to have somebody to talk to :)
South Jordan's light the night festival. They do these elaborate art exhibits made out of candy.

We threw a 30th birthday party for Aunt Rachel at Aunt Joy's house. I think we actually surprised her. We had games, food, and lots of fun.
Hugs for the birthday girl
Jordyn loved playing under the Christmas tree
Ward party and that train in the background ended up in our basement for the month after.

Jordyn's 6 month visit - Weight - 15.3# (29%), Height - 25.75 (44%), Head - 16.7" (45%)

Fixing a meal at the Ronald McDonald's house with Thayne's staff. Such a fun event with his great staff.

The girls started gymnastics
Our anniversary dinner at Tucanos was joined by Daniel's family and the kids this year.
Trying out the new sleds we got for Christmas