Monday, December 7, 2009

Our silly boy

Tyson has been a handful lately but we've still managed to catch our little crazy man doing some funny things.
Tyson and his friend Hugh. They fight over toys most of the time when they play together but all through sacrament yesterday Tyson kept saying, "Hugh."If he loves Hugh so much, why won't they play nice? Here he is with a bucket on his head. He won't wear a normal hat but he'll put everything else on his head and say "hat." Bags on his feet for shoes.Tyson loves these goofy glasses and I think he looks adorable.This one is of Thayne being a silly boy. We watched the BYU football game with some friends and they had this awesome blue wig.


Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. We started the week by going to the temple and stayed in Palmyra for the night with our friends, the Leighs. We love our overnight getaways from school and since we can't be with family we try to make the most of our holidays. Tyson learned how to climb out of his pack-n-play and so we all got less sleep than we wanted. He was very difficult the next day so we decided not to go to the children's museum like we previously planned and just went swimming at the hotel.
We spent Thanksgiving with some of our favorite people. (We're missing the Nielsens in this picture. I don't have pictures of the feast. I didn't have my camera on me the whole time.)The food was amazing! Maybe I was starving by the time we finally ate or maybe the food was that good but I think it was the best Thanksgiving food I've ever had. Thayne would disagree. He started to get sick on Thanksgiving and so he had a hard time tasting anything. I on the other hand loved everything and ate way more than I should.
The weather was beautiful in November. It didn't snow here till December 1st and we were LOVING the 50's and 60's that we got for the majority of the month. Buffalo is known for LONG winters so we're grateful that the cold waited a little bit before it set in. Since Thanksgiving we have all caught the dreaded cold. First Thayne on Thanksgiving, then Tyson, and now me. Tyson also had 2 teeth come in and he has been miserable, grouchy, and whiny. It seems like we got through the worst of it because he is our happy boy once again.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gwen's wedding

Thayne's sister got married last month in Maryland. Thayne, Tyson, and I flew down for the weekend wedding. It was crazy with all 9 siblings together but fun to see everybody. I love Tyson's suit for the reception. Doesn't he look smashing? The boys: Thayne and his 4 brothers with the bride. The girls: 4 sisters and 4 in-laws.

Halloween Fun

We had a fun halloween. Tyson still doesn't understand the whole trick or treating stuff but he loves the candy. Tyson was a bat this year. One of his best friends was also a bat (his mom and I shop the same clearance sales). I was a cow and Thayne was the trigeminol(sp?) nerve. Don't worry if you don't get that. We went to our ward's party and then to the mall for their trick or treating activity. Thayne and I also went to an adult party. We gotta be more creative with our costumes next year. We struggle coming up with costumes for us.
We fed the missionaries on Halloween night. We played some tricks on them and had spooky spaghetti. We also swapped the drink for jello. Earlier in the week I stole an idea from a friend and we had grave yard shepherd's pie. I love making these fun meals.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

fun weekend

We had a great weekend. Yesterday Tyson was playing "hide and seek" with me. Can you find him?
Then we made a tent and played in it.
Then Thayne and I had a fun date last night, dinner and mini golf. We followed all of that up today at an amusement park. Thayne got tickets for $5 through the dental school. It was really, really cold but we had a lot of fun. We bundled Tyson up and only stayed at the park for 4 hours but we felt like we got our money's worth.
Isn't he cute?Here's Tyson's favorite ride and his least favorite. . .

sooo late

I recently found a couple of pictures that I want a record of but they're from a while ago. The first 3 pictures are from our trip to DC in July.

The picture above is of my freshman roommate, Charlee. She's such a good person- inside and out. It was so fun to see her again. The next picture is Tyson's playgroup at the zoo. This picture only has a fraction of the kids that are his age. It's so much fun for Tyson.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hawaii: part 3 - research

Thayne did a great job with his research. He loved being able to get to know some of the other students that were there from other schools. There were about 50 dental students at the conference (one from each participating dental school). After the poster presentation, they had a nice award ceremony and luau. Here's a few pictures of both. Thayne's poster is hanging at the University of Buffalo library. We had to go get a picture. It's front and center of the library.

Hawaii: part 2 - things we did

We had so much fun in Hawaii. We went to the Laie Temple, Pearl Harbor, the Swap Meet, ate shave iceBYU-Hawaii, Laie point, PCC, went to a luau visited friends and family, (Thayne's mission president and friend from England - no picture)and we spent a lot of time at the beach. Tyson would wake up around 5:30 or 6am so we would walk down to the beach and watch the sunrise a few of the mornings. My sister, brother, and sister in law all live on the North Shore so we spent a lot of time with them (mostly my sister). In order to fit everybody, we rented a suburban which was fun to drive and it entertained the kids with the dvd player. We spent Friday and Saturday at a super nice hotel in Honolulu. They gave us lei's and juice and banana bread and mints. Rachel, my sister, came along to babysit so that I could accompany Thayne to some of his dental events. One of my favorite events was the luau that dentsply threw for the student clinicians. I'm pretty sure it was one of the most expensive if not the most expensive meal I've ever had. They gave us another lei and invited the clinicians and their families to the luau so Rachel got to partake of the goodness with us.
I love the beach in Hawaii. It is so beautiful but so powerful. Thayne and Tyson both had some scarey rolls with the waves. Tyson fell down while chasing the waves and rolled a few times. He had no fear of the ocean until it got the better of him. Poor Tyson! He was so scared.Thayne was boogey boarding and also rolled a few times from the waves. He thought he was paralyzed at first but only hurt his back, got a black eye, and a few scrapes on his face. (The picture doesn't really do him justice)