Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tyson's commentary

T: Sometimes I choose to choose the right. Sometimes I choose to choose the wrong.
M: What are you choosing to do today?
T: I am choosing to have fun.

T: Mommy's have girl babies in their belly and daddy's have boy babies.

T: Sharks eat cucumber and other things but they really like cucumbers.

T: They have a bridge here so that the car doesn't have to go in the water cause if we went in the water the big sharks and alligators would eat the car but not the little sharks and fish. They can't eat the car.Tyson wrote this all by himself. That's a waterfall on the right. He insisted it be in his note to daddy.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

kiddos can be funny

Today the kids and I went to a funeral. A speaker got up and Tyson excitedly came over and said, "It's the prophet Mom!!" I told him it was Brother Kay but he was quite insistent and I couldn't convince him otherwise

T: Why do we have bridges?
M: So we can go over the water. If the bridge wasn't there the cars would have to go through the water and they're heavy so they would sink to the bottom of the water.
T: Jesus isn't heavy
M: Oh yeah? Why's that?
T: Because he doesn't sink on water

(different day - apparently he wasn't satisfied with the bridges explanation last time)
T: Why is there a bridge there?
M: There has to be a bridge so that traffic on the freeway doesn't stop
T: Heavenly Father can't hold up the road
M: Oh yeah?
T: Yeah, but superman and batman can

T: Henry is making a mess
M: It's ok. It's Henry's room. He's allowed to make a mess.
T: He's making a mess with blood.
After that comment, I had to go investigate. Poor Henry had a bloody nose and was in his sister's crib and was dripping everywhere. There was blood everywhere. Thank you Tyson for telling me. There were a few other kids in the room and they were all just staring.

Lexi gets put in time-out for biting me. Thayne asks her after why she was it time-out. She says, "I bite mommy." We didn't know she could say that or understood much for that matter.

Tyson says so many funny things. I'm going to try and do a better job of recording them. Hopefully you can all get a laugh out of reading his little funnies.

Tyson sometimes has nightmares. We say a prayer and tell him to think of something happy. His happy thoughts are grandma and grandpa's houses and chuck e cheese. He thanks Heavenly Father every night for Disney World's rides.

I'm trying really hard to be more patient with my kids. I don't know why this is so hard for me to stay patient. I always thought I was patient but my kids have taught me that I'm not. I feel like I'm not one of those super motherly people but I want to be. I want to always be loving and patient with them but it is soooo hard.