Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Thayne and I spent a couple of days in NYC over the break. I was a little nervous to leave the kids (It was the longest I've left them) but I'm so glad I did. We had lots of fun and enjoyed the "us" time. I thought I had planned too much for us to do but I was surprised that we finished early both days. Walking everywhere was really, really cold but much easier than I anticipated.

Riding the subway - Tyson would have loved this.
Enjoying Central Park while on the phone
Our delicious korean lunch - pumpkin soup just wasn't as good as I remembered it.
Empire State Building
Time Square - We both loved the craziness
Rockefeller Center
Killing time waiting for our play to start - we shared this
Phantom of the Opera - NYC's longest running broadway - It was fabulous. The theater wasn't sold out so we tried to move down to better seats. Thayne got caught and we were sent back to our seats. They let us move for the second half and somebody beat us to the box seats but we still found fabulous seats.
Can you find us on the jumbo tron? Look for my coat.
Statue of Liberty - windy, brrrr. . .

Madison Square Garden
Wall Street and Financial district
We were also able to go to the temple, Penn St, the biggest Macy's EVER, and chinatown. All of this in a little over 24 hours. I also got to say that I love Starbucks. We're not coffee drinkers but they have the most delicious coffee cake. We loved NYC and had a blast hanging out but we are SOOOO glad we don't live in NYC.

Christmas 2010

We spent Christmas in Maryland with Thayne's family this year. We all enjoyed the time with them. Tyson loved all the old school toys that grandma has. We all loved the attention and fun. Tyson loved helping everybody open their presents. This may be the last year that Thayne gets a lot of time for Christmas. Sad day. Ever since Thayne started dental school, we have traveled to be with family. The only Christmas at home was spent in the hospital with Thayne getting his appendix removed. I think I'm ready to start figuring out our own family traditions at home.Tyson and Lexi sporting their new Christmas PJs. Isn't she cute?!

Breakfast with Santa

Tyson loved Santa this year. We didn't tell him that santa brings presents until a few days before Christmas and he still loved the jolly old man. He loves the children's movies about Christmas especially Rudolph and Frosty. If you tell him a random line from one of his favorite Christmas movies, he'll tell you what movie it's from. Thayne took him on a man date to have breakfast with Santa at the local YMCA. I also took him to the mall for the yearly breakfast with Santa. Tyson allowed them to paint his hand as long as it was Frosty and then didn't wash his hand until he could show dad.

Tyson and Lexi like to play together. Tyson likes to randomly hug Lexi which is more like a tackle. We're working on being gentle with little sister. She doesn't help. She will also randomly attack him. One of their favorite games is to sit on a chair together and pretend like they are driving a train, car, bus, airplane, or dinosaur. Lexi adores her big brother. Thayne took Tyson on a man date last week and Lexi was not happy that her big brother was not around. She would crawl around looking for him and crying. She is no longer content to sit in one place now that she can crawl.