Wednesday, September 29, 2010

new loves

Tyson started swimming lessons. He likes to play with the toys more than he likes to practice swimming. There isn't much structure in the lessons so we've been practicing on our own. Tyson has turned in to a fish! After swimming one day Tyson was a few feet away and I was changing and wasn't watching him super close. This is what he did.We love to watch the airplanes take off. There's a nice grassy area behind the airport. Tyson was crying in the middle of the night a couple nights ago. I checked on him and asked him why he was crying. I thought he was having a nightmare but he said he wanted to go watch the airplanes. My sense of humor was much better the next morning than it was in the middle of the night.One night while we were there, they let Tyson sit in a helicopter. He was in heaven.

Friday, September 17, 2010

dirty boy

"Never seen a horse with 2 rear ends!" All of you Aladdin movie-quoter's should know that one and this car reminds me of that quote. Don't know if it actually runs. It's always parked in the same spot when we drive by. There's actually a steering wheel on each end of the car. Tyson has gone through a dirty phase lately. Every time we go anywhere this is what he looks like when we're headed home. I don't mind so much. I think Thayne sometimes is a bit embarrassed over our homeless looking child. This day we were at the zoo. He was playing in the bone digging area. None of the other kids came even close to getting this dirty.

best friends

Tyson LOVES Lexi and she LOVES him back. It makes me so happy I had a second child. I was so nervous about 2. Sometimes I feel bad for Tyson because when he was a baby he didn't have an older sibbling to watch constantly and be entertained. Lucky Lexi!
I'm potty training Tyson again. He's totally getting it this time and it only took a day to feel like he was catching on. Doesn't mean we don't have accidents because we do. He really worries me when he doesn't use the potty for hours. I feel like we have to be on the potty every 10 minutes when that's the situation. Tomorrow we are venturing outside for the first time with no diaper. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty nervous. Here are some cute, random pictures of the family:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010