Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tyson update, waterpark, and cute pictures

Tyson update: Tyson loves all things with motors. He is obsessed with choo choos. We don't even own a choo choo but he still loves them. His favorite movie at the moment is Anastasia because it has a train. (We don't own very many movies so he doesn't have very much to choose from.) He also loves elephants, eyes, cookies, babies, and stars. He calls himself Tysey. We think it's adorable so we've started to call him Tysey too. His vocabulary is growing every day. He copies what we say and now puts words together. It's pretty fun! He's starting to pick up on counting and colors but is hit and miss. He is very crafty. He colors and plays with playdough for about an hour every day. He also loves puzzles and not just the wooden baby puzzles. He has a couple of cardboard puzzles that he can put together with a little bit of help. He's soooo much fun when he's happy which we're lucky is most of the time. We love our Tysey! I love it when he lets me do his hair. Doesn't happen very often! One day Daddy was volunteering at a child dental health fair at the mall. Tyson and I played at the mall while daddy did his thing. They have this giant green dinosaur that Tyson loved to look at but not get too close to. At one point Thayne put on the dinosaur costume and Tyson was very confused. He still wouldn't touch or hug the dinasaur even though daddy was in it. He learned to say dinosaur and likes to point them out ever since the day at the mall.
Thayne had a day off of school for a holiday in January so we went to a waterpark with some friends. I love indoor waterparks (so does Tyson). We had lots of fun with our friends and playing in the water. The water could have been much warmer but we still had fun. Tyson wanted to go down the big slides even though he was too little.
Buffalo is famous for its horrible winters and tons of snow. We feel like this is the place to be this winter. Washington DC has had a lot more snow than us this year. (I say this even though we're supposed to be pounded with snow this weekend.) Thayne hates shoveling. Tyson loves it.
Tyson has become such a social child. He loves his friends. If he's being difficult I can use his buddies as leverage. His favorite friend is Hugh. They are frienemies. They fight just as much as they get along but they do love each other. Tyson calls him "who" and anytime I say we are going to go see friends he always asks if its "who." He even calls Hugh on his pretend phone multiple times every day. Here they are playing on Tyson's bed and at breakfast for Hugh's mommy. (Tyson has his back to the camera. Yes, he is wearing a tool belt. Such a little man.)

Prego Picture

I really don't like prego pictures but since this blog is my journal I thought I would put a record of my growing belly. I have a little over 6 weeks left in this pregnancy. I haven't gained very much weight with baby girl so I'm hoping this will help me get back down to normal size quickly after the baby comes. (I think having a two year old will also help!) Tyson loves babies so I'm hoping the transition will not be too hard. I'm looking foward to not being pregnant but I don't look foward to the sleepless nights that come with newborn babies. We're excited to meet baby girl!

week of firsts

I've had a fun week with Tyson. Playgroup this week was sledding and Tyson loved it! We played in the backyard with one of Tyson's friends a few weeks ago and they had built a small hill but Tyson hated it. However, Tyson loved sledding down the big hill. He would call it his slide. It helped that the sun was shining, which is rare for Buffalo at this time of year.
Tonight we took Tyson to see his first movie. The Princess and the Frog was showing at the dollar theater and so we decided to give it a try. Tyson sat through the whole thing. He laughed when the characters laughed, sang when they sang, and bonked his head (accidently) and cried during the sad part. We had so much fun with him. We were the only ones in the theater at the beginning but 5 other people showed up after a couple of minutes.

Monday, February 15, 2010

when the toddler is happy, we're all happy

Tyson has been so much fun lately. Parenting is a blast when your child behaves. It's too bad that children aren't perfect all the time. We took Tyson to a car show last week and once he figured out he could sit in the cars the kid was doing his happy dance all night long. I don't care about nice cars but it sure was fun watching my boys be sooooo happy. Thayne has decided that Tyson and him can go on lots of man dates to the car show. Thayne loved the convertible Corvette and one of the Jaguars best. Tyson loved the convertible Mini Cooper. He got in that car and at the top of his lungs started shouting "mine, mine, mine." It was pretty funny. He had a lot of people chuckling. He would also say, "Daddy out. Mommy sit." Apparently mom is his traveling companion of choice or he knows that he has to convince mom that cars are cool. I liked the monster truck best. Maybe because it reminded me of Blackie - one of the farm trucks that my parents had. Blackie was amazing. She could pull out a tractor if it got stuck. My dad would carry a bucket in the back and my mom would stand on the bucket to climb into the truck. Good times indeed.