Friday, February 22, 2013


T: I think I want to snuggle with the snow. It looks so soft.

T: I hope there are a million people at church today so that they can all learn about the gospel.

M: Tyson, where is your cereal. Did it disappear?
T: Nothing in the world can disappear unless it has a rocket ship.

M: You have to eat 2 more peas in order to get more.
T: Can I eat 4?

T: I had a nightmare
M: Do you want to talk about it?
T: yeah, you stole the pizza off my plate

T: why doesn't the baby come out of those bumps? (boobs)

 T: Lexi, be careful with your power

T: Mom, I don't love you much today but tomorrow I will.

T: I love school but I love daddy more

T: when I grow up, I want to be an ice fighter.
M: What's that?
T: They're like firefighters but they fight the ice on airplanes. (plane de-icer - we've lived in Buffalo for too long)

T: I love you 100 times but I love Dad infinity times.
M: I love you infinity times.
T: I still love you 100 times

T: I only have one problem Mom.
M: Oh yeah, what's that?
T: I pick my nose.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


McKenzie Ann Gardner!! She's here! Here's the story...
Sunday night I started to have contractions but they weren't painful. I wasn't sure if I should go to the hospital or not. I was really hoping to make it another week until my mother-in-law was here but I felt like my body was getting ready all week. My contractions started getting close (3 to 5 min.) even though they still weren't painful. I woke Thayne up around 1am and told him I was having contractions but I was nervous that it was false labor. We called our neighbor and he came over. I felt a lot of emotions on the way to the hospital. I felt so bad. What if they sent me home with false labor after waking up our neighbors. Our house was a mess especially the kids room. Why didn't I clean it up knowing that I could go into labor at anytime? Why didn't I pack the kids a bag so that they didn't have to find clothes and stuff for the kids? Would Tyson make it to his field trip in the morning? Why wasn't I in any pain with these contractions? When I arrived at the hospital, I felt like the contractions slowed down a little. Are they just going to send me home? They checked me and I was at a 5 so no going home. They asked if I wanted an epidural. I gladly accepted. They checked me again right before the epidural and I was a 7 to 8 still without pain. They gave me the epidural and things stopped. A couple hours later they gave me some pitocin and contractions started picking up again. Around 7:30 I was ready to push and she was born at 7:51am. She was 5# 15 oz, 20 in, and 13.5 head circumference with chubby cheeks but no meat on her other than that. 15 days early and the size of a peanut! Overall best labor and delivery but hardest pregnancy.
Since coming home, Kenzie is a champ. She sleeps almost constantly except to eat. She hates having her diaper changed and has pooed on me twice. Something my other kids have never done to me. 

We took these pictures the night before Kenzie was born. Not thinking that she'd be born in under 12 hours.
The name: The night before Kenzie was born we were talking about names and we both realized we really liked the name Kadence. We also liked Kaitlyn and McKenzie. Crunch time. We should have discussed this more. We decided to go with McKenzie. We put it on her birth certificate and we once again doubted her name. We decided to think some more on it. In the end we did decide on McKenzie. We've loved that name for a long, long time. We gave her the middle name of Ann after my roommate, Allyson Ann. Allyson is one of my heroes in life. She's beautiful on the outside and amazing on the inside. I always wanted to serve others and be better when I was with her. I pray that Kenzie will have a similar desire to do good and to help others be better.