Friday, September 2, 2016

4th of July

We had a very full 4th of July. First, we went to our ward breakfast with grandma and grandpa. Then, we headed to my cousin Suzanne's for the parade and BBQ. Last, we came back to our house to watch fireworks from the rim by the temple. There were hundreds of fireworks going off. Grandpa told us that we were giving our kids "unrealistic expectations" of the 4th.

I wish these pictures did the fireworks justice. 

July 2016

We camped at a park in Daybreak. The kids had fun. 
The Gale Center is one of our new favorite places to go. It's the South Jordan Museum. They have a great kids area. It's rare to find a spot without a million people and usually we are the only ones there.

Seven Peaks with grandma
Temple to Temple run. Way too crowded for me!
Love the sleeping baby
He's finally losing teeth on his own. He didn't like me calling him snargle tooth.
Bear Lake with Rachel's family

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Thanksgiving point

Thanksgiving Point Gardens with Grandma, Whitney, Oakley, and Jack Jack

I think this picture is hilarious. They thought this was a good idea... This is right before the crying started.

Summer is here

Starting to smile occasionally. I wonder if she'll be a little more serious than the other kids because she doesn't seem as smiley

Daddy's workout

Luau in Daybreak
Donut Falls hike in the summer is a lot shorter

Lowe's Build and Grow workshops are doing another avenger series!
Kindergarten graduation - pretty low key but the kids are cute. 

New bikes for the girls

Daddy and kids are in Hometown Value's magazine :)

She keeps sleeping and growing and crying and pooing...