Monday, April 27, 2009

April updates

Tyson and I have spent a lot more time outside lately. We love to go on walks, visit with friends, play in the yard, and eat rocks. Due to our new outdoor obsession we don't get around to blogging. Here's updates of the random pictures we've taken. These next two pictures show Tyson's "vampire" teeth. I took these pictures on Saturday and by Sunday one of his top middle teeth is starting to break through. I'm going to miss my littel vampire grin. You should take a look at Tyson's awesome hair in these pictures. I've discovered a new type of hair gel. Sunscreen, functional and fashionable.

Tyson is quite the eater. When his friends come over to play, Tyson will eat his food and their food and then he still asks for more. This is his favorite friend to share with. Tyson was so funny in this picture. We went to the dental school to eat with daddy. Every time daddy took a bite, he had to take a bite also.

I've joined a bow swap. It was quite difficult for me to find flowers. I tried to combine a couple of flowers but it didn't really work so I just stuck with one flower. Here's Thayne modeling a whole bunch of bows that I made. Doesn't he look like he's wearing an old ladies swimming cap?

Lately, when we go to the mall, park, or anywhere else with a play area, Tyson adopts an older sister. The kid attracts older girls who want to feed him, play with him, carry him, or hug him. He's usually a good sport about all this attention. Here he is at the doctors office with one of his tag-a-long friends.

My new toy

Recently I got this for $5 at a consignment sale. It works great. I just need a bread knife so I can cut the bread without smashing it.
This is my favorite thing to make with it. I've never been able to perfect my mom's cinnamon rolls and this is just sooooo much easier.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tyson's 1st Birthday

Tyson turned 1 this week and so we got to party!! Tyson and I went to the zoo with some friends and he went on his first carousel ride. He loved it. Tyson enjoys the zoo more every time we go. I think he's finally starting to notice the animals. You didn't know you go to the zoo for anything else, huh? Tyson loves the playground there and he loves watching the other kids.Here he is with his friend Rylee.
When Daddy got home we went to McDonalds for Tyson to get his first happy meal. The kid was all smiles. He ate one chicken nugget and maybe 30%of his fries. He drank all of his apple juice.He was more than ready to play when we were done eating. He had a hard time getting down the big kid slide so we switched to the little kid's slide after that.
He can go up and down the slide all by himself. He loves it. Usually he ends up going down head first. Here's a picture of our happy, little one year old in his new big boy seat after McDonalds.

We had cake and opened presents when we got home. I was going to make him a fun cake but I found out that our local grocery store gives babies a free cake when they turn 1. Here's the cute family getting ready to blow out the candle. Notice Tyson has a small sunburn after the zoo. I gotta get the kid a little bit more exposure to sun before summer hits.
I learned a new color of poo the day after Tyson's birthday. If you look at the frosting on Tyson's face in the previous pictures you'll notice his poo is the same color. So funny!