Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Last week was spring break - our last spring break of Thayne's education. :( Thayne had some school work to do but when he was home we made sure we made the most of our time. Our favorite activity of the week was going to Splash Lagoon in Erie, Pa. We all LOVED it. Tyson was big enough to go down most slides and he went over and over again. He was so brave. It was so fun to climb the stairs and talk to him. He's getting so big and he's our little buddy. Lexi's favorite activity was to cuddle with daddy and go round and round the lazy river. We also took Thayne to the Children's Explore and More Museum. It's one of Tyson's favorite places to go. I'm pretty sure we get a tantrum EVERY time we leave the museum. A lot of our friends had husbands that were out of town for the break so we got to do some fun things with the moms and kids. It's birthday time of the year. Thayne's birthday was last Wednesday. Tyson's is on Saturday and Lexi's is next Tuesday.

The rest of the pictures are just cute shots of the kids!
Love the mohawk!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


There's so much that has been going on but I've been quite unmotivated to blog. I blame the weather. It snowed most days in January and February and the last couple of weeks it gets warm enough to melt the snow but then we get dumped on the next day. I get my hopes up that we're done with the snow but it just keeps coming. Yuck! We put our house on the Market the second week of February and got an offer within 24 hours. As long as things go well we'll be moving to another part of town. (Contracts are signed and the inspection passed) I'm excited but sometimes I start to get anxiety and I start to question why we're moving. Our house has been great for the last few years. We didn't start to feel crowded until little Lexi came along. We'll be eating dinner and we don't have room for Lexi in the kitchen or I'm watching more kids at the house or trying to help Tyson on the potty and it gets crowded quickly. We're moving across the street from the zoo and a great park. I think it'll be a good change for our growing family.
Valentine's day was fun. We knew we'd have the kids with us so we went to McDonald's for dinner. I know most of you are probably thinking LAME but hey, I don't have to cook and the kids are totally entertained at the playground. We brought a table cloth and a fake candle to fancy the mood a little. It was fun. I'd do it again.

We also hit up dollar day at the botanical garden last week. Sooo nice to go somewhere that had color. Buffalo really is dreary. Lexi makes some really cute/funny faces recently. I try to capture them on camera but she doesn't cooperate. I can't believe she'll be a year next month. This little girl is growing so fast.Tyson did this all on his own. I left the room for a minute when I came back I was informed that Thomas needs to eat too.