Tuesday, September 4, 2018

August 2018

2nd Bees game of the season for some in this family. This was one of the prizes from the summer reading program.

The kids all loved holding Kimberly's twins.

Miss Allyson "Ann" was back for a couple weeks and it was so fun to see her and attend Jackson's baptism.

Business Promotion's 10 year anniversary party. They do our website and SEO. It was a pretty great night. Daniel and Whitney joined us. Free red robin dinner, Jdawgs, ice cream sandwiches, shaved ice, train rides, bounce houses, face painting, fireworks, and great weather!

We are TRIATHLETES. Thayne and I did an olympic distance triathlon. I got two flat tires! Boo. It added on a lot to our time but other than that it was a lot of fun.

She was a little bit nervous
and excited

Dead bird. The kids were fascinated. 
11:00 church is rough

Natural History Museum

Girl's camp with the Bishopric

Thursday, August 30, 2018

July 2018

We joined the Fisher Clan again for the 4th of July this year.

Trying on the hats at IFA
Another Cowabunga Bay party!

Summer concert series had Eve6 here. The famous songs were really fun but the rest of them were a little too loud and hard rock for my taste.

We've been bed hunting. This little lady loves going to the bed stores. Thayne too apparently...
We hiked Provo Canyon on one of Thayne's days off. We didn't pack in enough water and the younger 3 kids were draggin most of the way.

Visit to BYU - the kids all got sorted. Who knew BYU had a Harry Potter Club.
The kids and their respective houses. 

Sisters make the best of friends.
Tyson went to Incredibles 2 with our friends, the Namgurs. He had a great time!

Bubbles at Wheeler Farm
We went boating with our friends, the Collins. So fun! I was so happy I got up and was able to drop the rope while surfing.

Playing in the lockers during Lexi's gymnastics practice
Kid's war wounds - Tyson's was from a bike accident. Lexi's was from when we went boating.

Tyson mowed grandma and grandpa's lawn this summer while they were gone.  He was happy to discover creamies in their freezer  when he was done.

First day of school for Tyson and Lexi

KINDERGARTEN!! She was sooo excited to meet her teacher.

Playdates- JoJo and Nash. Kenzie and Caitlyn

temple to temple 5k - Tyson was WAY faster this year. I could hardly keep up. He told me after he shaved off 12 minutes of his run time from last year.

Kid's jogathon
Daybreak Fizz Fest

We did the Governor's reading program. The kids had to take a picture with their reading chart for their prizes. JoJo was not happy to have her picture taken.
Thayne met up with Richard Lahr one night at a Bee's game. It's fun to see friends from our past again.

Dr. Seuss pancakes for breakfast

Thayne loved finding Bieber while doing Bishopric visits.