Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The kids

Kenzie fell asleep in our Sunday School class clutching Thayne's ear. Poor girl, she was so tired.
We took the kids and went to the ballroom concert at BYU. The kids all loved it. Tyson was not interested in going with us but once it started he was captivated!

Lexi received a dragon leader award. Originally I was quite touched but then I found out they try to give all the kids one of these at some point in the year. Lexi says the dragon looks pregnant. I agree.

Tyson's birthday fell on General Conference again this year. Some friends invited us over for pizza during priesthood session. He got a candle in his pizza.

Tyson's Cinquain Poem
This girl LOVES all things teeth! She is so funny. I think she would make a great hygienist some day. She also has the social skills to talk your ear off which is a great skill to have as a hygienist. :)
Kids club at the mall. We went home with the loot!
This balloon t-rex was awesome!
We took the kids to the Bean Museum at BYU one Monday when Thayne was off. I always love being back on BYU campus. The kids did a scavenger hunt. The museum has changed a lot since we were there.

Grandma gave Kenz a new dress and she LOVES it!

Kenzie's 3rd Birthday

Kenzie turned 3 and what a fun little girl she is! Grandma came over to have some cake and Just Dance on the Wii. Back in December I bought a groupon to the Midway Ice Castles. We thought it would be fitting to use it for Kenzie's birthday because she is obsessed with Elsa. Grandma Van Tassell joined us. It was busy and a bit cold so we didn't stay for too long but it was fun. Kenzie still talks about the ice castles so I guess it was a success.
Yes, that is a potty seat in our kitchen.

Elsa was there!

January 2016

Lexi had been dying to go ice skating. I don't ice skate even when I'm not pregnant so this was a perfect daddy daughter date. The first time they went the ice was really soft and it made staying up a little easier. She loved it and she got better but she has a long way to go. We met up with them after to try the pizza at The Pie. We had fun sitting outside by the fire. The other two kids climbed on the ice for a bit and skated with their boots on. They've all been begging to go back.

We had Thayne's Christmas work party at our house in January. December was such a busy month for everybody. We made a big breakfast and then danced with the Wii.

We've been able to visit Grandpa Henrie every couple weeks. It's been good for all of us to see him. He's been deteriorating and we're glad we get this time with him.