Sunday, August 30, 2015


Baseball consumed our schedule for 6 weeks of May and June. With 2 kids playing and games and practices it was every night Mon-Thurs. Tyson had a coach that taught the kids a lot. He came a long way with his baseball skills.

Kenzie preferred the park over watching baseball all night

Lexi,on the other hand, was pretty clueless about baseball but she loved that she was part of a team and would get treats after the game. She would run the wide arc on the field instead of the bases. When she was up for hitting, she would pay attention to the sky, the crowd, anything but the T. It would take her awhile to connect with the ball. It was painful to watch. She was the only girl out there in her skirt and sparkly church shoes.

love this picture of these two!

I know these last two pictures have nothing to do with baseball. Somehow they ended up on this page and I'm too lazy to move them. We tried potty training one morning because she was begging for it but with a move coming up it was just a trial run
We went to a fun fireman training party thrown by our buffalo friend Rachel. I love any time with our Buffalo friends. They will always hold a special place in our hearts and the two families that are here in Twin are AMAZING, wonderful people. It's always fun and so comfortable spending time with them.

spring II

We took Lexi to the ballroom concert at BYU. It was so fun. She was mesmerized with the beautiful dresses. She kept saying she was upset at us for keeping her out so late and she was soooo tired but she couldn't take her eyes off the dancers.

borrowing scooters from Grandma Gerry
We got a great new park it Twin. The parks in Twin are all small and old so it was so fun to get a new one.  They are also supposed to be building a splash pad next to it in the near future.

Kenzie refuses to sleep in her bed. She prefers the floor.
Cousin Audrey turned 8. It was fun to join her for her baptism and special day.
Tyson's school has an end of year carnival that is a lot of fun

We visited my roommate Allyson. I love this picture of Kenz with Allyson in the background. Kenzie's middle name is from Allyson.

Spring 2015

Tyson came home with this story from school. It reads, "I was a happy baby penguin. A vulture attacked me! My mom fought the vulture! My mom ate the vulture! I ate my mom! My name is: fish baby." 
This girl, like her sister, has her own style. She wears a swimming suit every day even under church clothes. In this picture she is wearing Tyson's shoes, daddy's socks, and picking her nose. Could she get much cuter?
I love when she wears her batman "swimsuit." She'll raise one fist in the air and say, "du-duh!"
These two girls are starting to play really well together.
Kenzie loves Lexi's dance class. She copies everything they do. The funniest is when Lexi gives her a dance lesson. She critiques her arms, feet, and teaches her all about how to behave in dance class.

Lexi's spring dance recital

Lexi is the one with both arms up.

Tyson tried out wrestling. Big fail if you ask Thayne.  It wasn't fun to watch him get beat up over and over again. Tyson is not aggressive when it comes to sports.
Lexi and her best friend Viola at church.
Grandma Gerry and Grandpa George are always a good time at church.

We got to attend the Payson Temple open house. I love taking the kids through the temple.
Kenzie loves the booties

I hope these two always have the special bond they have now.
Weather is finally getting warmer. We wandered to Dierkes Lake one day with friends.
Lexi's school had a field trip to Great Harvest Bread.
Lexi had another school field trip to Mercy Flight at the hospital.

Lexi's best friend is the little girl in red. She lives two doors down from us and she is adorable
I love this block Tyson made in school for mother's day. He has perfected the smolder.