Thursday, June 11, 2009

Daddy the dentist

Thayne is officially my dentist. I went in for my first 2 appointments lately. He did a great job. I still have another appointment left (he found a cavity). So far after 5 hours at the dentist my teeth are officially clean. It takes forever at the dental school. They do everything at least twice and there's lots of down time. He's worked so hard to get to this point. He was very gentle and professional. It was really weird when he would ask about my medical history. It was hard to keep serious when he would ask things like "Do you smoke?" or "Do you have an STD?"

Here we are with our camera man Brent. It's all seriousness at the dental school.

Funny boy

Tyson has been getting funnier and funnier lately. He loves to put on daddy's sunglasses (which he broke last week along with our VCR) and our shoes. He also carries around daddy's BYU (go BYU!!) hat. He is such a funny boy.Recently we visited Cindy, our realtor. Cindy has dogs instead of grandkids. Tyson found one of the dogbones and would let the dog chew on the end of the bone. Then he would chew on it himself. Mmmmm. . . yummy! :)

We had fun at Daddy's dental school BBQ. Tyson loved looking at the boats in the marina. Okay, so I think we actually enjoyed it more.

Tyson's food ended up in my lap. He sneaks food under the table when he doesn't like what he is given. He doesn't think we see him. He is one sneaky boy!Daddy made wiffy breakfast in bed. I know I'm on the couch. I had to wake up early with Tyson who was teething and wouldn't sleep unless I was holding him. I end up on the couch when I have to get up and help Tyson in the middle of the night. Luckily it doesn't happen very often. He's usually a great sleeper.

We have been to so many birthday parties lately! Tyson has had so much fun playing with all his friends on their special day. The last party we went to was for his friend Hayden. He got his first sucker and birthday hat.

Here is Tyson with Hayden at our favorite grocery store. Wegman's gives you a balloon and cookie and lets you drive the car. Tyson loves it. He is so happy in his little car.

new diapers = plumber pants

I've been a diaper snot ever since Tyson was born. I would only buy pampers. Tyson would leak out of everything else. Recently I decided to try cheaper diapers. They have worked fine (most of the time) except for they just don't fit as well. As a result this is the scene around our house lately. I love his little bum!