Tuesday, June 6, 2017

April 2017

Warmer weather!!
We met up with some friends from Twin Falls one afternoon. We love seeing our friends.
Kindergarten visit
Stake fireside. Teeny tiny bible
Tyson's 9th birthday - once again on General Conference
Puzzlie while listening to conference
Kids funny phrases - mostly Kenzie quotes
Kenzie (super excited): did you know that your ear has a drum?

K: what's in our bodies mom?
M: heart lungs and blood tissues
K:What else
M:bones kidneys
K: Kitties! I don't have any kitties in my body

K: on Valentine's Day Tyson made my heart broken

K: when I grow up I'm going to marry Uncle Kerry -( this changes a lot)

K: "we did something funny yesterday. We drew on the car with our finger."
Apparently my car needs washed

Kenzie sings I am a child of God
"I am a little child"   ...    "with parents kind of dear"

K: "I lost my testimony. My testimony is gone."
 Kenzie was screaming it in the middle of sacrament meeting. Her testimony was a piece of paper she had colored and referred to as her testimony. Tyson had been writing a talk and wrote his testimony. Kenzie had to do the same. All was fine and dandy till the testimony got lost...

K: Just want sister to get an iPhone for Christmas

🎶last Christmas I gave you my heart...
Kenzie: we sang that song in my nursery

Lexi: (got her ears pierced and wanted to show her church teacher) "mom, I can't wait! He won't even recognize me"

Lexi: she got me seashells for Christmas. Her explanation "I bought you seashells because you never let me take them home" :) ha! Now whatcha gonna do?

K: I don't remember what it was like to be a Little kid

Jordyn would giggle and giggle when we put her in the swings. So. Cute.

BYU's ballroom concert

Soccer season started. The three oldest are playing and it has been so cold! :(

Scouts took a trip to the fire station

We hiked the Y with the two oldest. Lexi wanted a picture with this sign because she is 7 years old
and Tyson is 9

We closed on the house we bought! We don't move in till the end of June but we are home owners once again.
Blue house on the left

This is gross but look what Jordyn ate.
Soccer consumes our weeknights
Kenzie started preschool

Fun at Aunt Joy's house

BYU bean museum with friends


This girl LOVES food
STEM night

We had a friend party for Tyson and Lexi at the pool this year. Pretty easy and low key. Lexi wanted to invite everybody. Tyson wanted to invite 1 friend. We talked him into 2 friends.

Daybreak home and garden show

Kenzie falls asleep in the car all the time. She is definitely my best napper. Tyson and Lexi gave up naps way earlier
Another trip to the Ronald McDonald room at the hospital
Kenzie and Lexi could do crafts all day long. The

March 2017

Eating icicles from the tree
Planting a potato for scouts
South Jordan Elementary - parents and pastries
Tyson has a new scout leader- his dad! It won't last long because he moves up soon but it's fun for a couple months. The boys are crazy! Not sure if Thayne thinks it's fun but I'd love his calling right now.
Crazy hair day - we were going for the troll look
I left town one weekend for a girls weekend with a couple girls from our Buffalo days. Thayne and kids played with Joy and Karey at the zoo and Pizza Pie cafe. Thayne said Tyson downed the pizza and desserts. Lexi ate the veggies mostly and Kenzie ate the pasta.

They also had Dr. Seuss pancakes for Dr. Seuss's birthday

cousin Jett got baptized. We learned a new game with sticks.
Lexi loves these frozen peas. She came home one day from school and downed a whole bag.
Girl's trip!!

Look who we ran into.

Allyson's mom is in the house of representatives so went up to watch one day. Field trip to the capitol

Kenzie at 4 - Weight: 31 lbs, Height: 38.7 in. Jordyn at 9 months: Weight- 16 lbs 14 oz, Height 28 in (61%) Head - 17.3 in (46 %)

Looks like Duke on the front of the AAPD magazine

The girl's love sleepovers at Aunt Joy's house. Every time Lexi gets off track she wants to call Aunt Joy to schedule a sleepover.
Kindergarten visit
This girl had an eye check and got glasses. She used to say, "I can't see the book Daddy" We just thought that was code for I want to sit by you and not Lexi. Come to find out one of her eyes doesn't work very well. She's been a good sport about it.
The girl I visit teach had puppies at her house. They were so fun to hold.