Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Grandpa Henrie

Thayne's grandpa passed away this spring. He had been deteriorating for awhile now. It was really hard at the end to see him suffer. It was fun to see all the family at the funeral. Most of Thayne's cousins were there and it was good to catch up. Funerals are a bitter sweet thing. After seeing Grandpa Jim suffer, it was time and it was so good to get together and reminisce about all the memories and the good things he did in life. At the same time, funerals are so hard because of the separation during this life. The kids went to three funerals in a months time. They are a bit obsessed with death. Tyson was really sweet at the funeral. He would put his arm around Lexi and help her know what was going. I love seeing that side of him.

The Panguitch house. Thayne had fun showing the kids around.

Jordyn Joy

Heading into the hospital. Everybody said I was little. I felt big. Looking at this picture that was taken when Jordyn was born I definitely don't look big.
Jordyn Joy Gardner joined our family on May 23, 2016. I had been having painless contractions for a few days and had been losing a lot of sleep. Mostly because I was scared of repeating Lexi's birth story. I didnt want the quick fast labor and the tearing that comes with that. The contractions would get as close as 3 minutes apart and then stop for an hour or two. It was kind of frustrating. I taught my Sunday School class in labor. My parents showed up after church and we decided to go to the hospital. I really wanted the baby to come then because we had things happening over the next couple weeks (Thayne's schedule and the SoJo Summerfest that I was in charge of). Plus, Thayne's parents were flying in that night to go to a funeral the next day. It was great timing. We decided to go to the hospital. We talked about how they would laugh at us again and send us home. (They laughed at us when we showed up for Kenzie's birth. I'm way to calm in labor.) They said they had a policy that we had to be monitored for at least an hour. They checked me I was only at a 3. It was a bit disappointing. On top of that, my contractions settled down for the first 30 minutes. I was sure I was going home. After a little bit, the contractions started again. They checked me at the end of the hour and I was a 4 1/2. The nurse checked us in and told us we were having a baby. We were like "Really?" We were so sure we were headed back home. My doctor had two others (one with some complications) that evening so he just let things go slow for awhile. They gave me the epidural and we hung out, laughed, played Agricola, and basically felt like we were on a date. They had food for Thayne and would get me juice and ice chips whenever I asked. It was great. After my doctor delivered his two other babies, they hooked me to pitocin to speed things up. This was probably around 10 or 11. We decided to nap. Thayne fell asleep but I couldn't. The contractions started getting stronger. Around midnight I was having some painful back contractions. I woke Thayne up and we called for the doctor. I was ready. Baby Jordyn was born at 12:23.

Coming home
Following the baby footsteps at the hospital

Grandma Joan's (Grandpa Jim's second wife) funeral was the day Jordyn was born so Diana and Davis were able to see the little one right away. 

Flowers for mommy

I love Tyson's gentleness with the baby. He's such a good big brother.
Kenzie: "It's a boy baby. It doesn't have any hair."
Billy lights for her jaundice. Those were a couple of sleepless nights keeping her on the lights. 
My Uncle Ed also died the week she was born so she had her first funeral at three days old. I was in a lot of pain this day but we made it.

Fun with cousins

Thayne's cousin, Jessica, was in town and invited us to go to Millcreek Canyon with them. We played, talked, ate, and hiked. Fun day for all of us. The view from the hike was amazing. These pictures don't do it justice.

Earlier that day we were able to go to Val Pal's baptism. We love seeing the Leigh family and it is so fun to catch up! 
The kids playing train with Tyson's best friend, Evan, and his little sister.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Easter and Birthday week

Looking for Easter eggs. She couldn't spot the egg right above her head. We were trying to help her but she couldn't find it.

Piggy back rides from cousin Jett
I love the love notes that Lexi makes
Lexi was invited to an American Doll party. We don't have one so she borrowed one from a friend. Kenzie loved that doll while it was with us. Maybe we finally have a doll girl.
Birthday week starts with Thayne's
Tyson is next. We had cousins over and a monkey bread breakfast.
Lexi follows 3 days later. I'm all caked out by now!
Some friends were in town for Lexi's birthday. She was in tears that night because she thought she was getting a friend party. I felt bad. I didn't see that coming because she never voiced her expectations.