Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter and a little more birthday

Tyson had his first easter egg hunt this year at playgroup. We should have practiced before going to playgroup. He picked up one egg in each hand and wouldn't pick up anymore. Since then we have hid eggs around the house and he knows that he should go find them. This is a picture of the kiddos at the easter egg hunt. My favorite is the little girl that is crying next to Tyson. Yesterday after Lexi's doctor appointment I took Tyson to Burger King to cash in on his free birthday meal. He loved the hat they gave him and I thought he would want to take it home but as we were walking out the door he threw it in the garbage. Whenever we pass a McDonalds, Tyson will point to it and say, "french fries." It cracks me up. He loves french fries just like his daddy does.

7 pounds and soccer games

Tyson loves to watch daddy's soccer games. He thinks all balls are called soccer balls. Tyson's friend Hugh also comes to watch his daddy. They watch for a little bit
and then they go run down hills, splash in the mud puddles, play with the digger, slide down the giant dirt hills, fight, eat treats, run into the middle of the soccer game, and occasionally go back and watch the game and cheer for daddy. It's so fun to be outside in the nice weather and enjoy these cute kids.
Lexi will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. Time has flown by. It's a lot less down time with 2 kids but for the most part we are enjoying it. Lexi is still such a great baby. She finally hit the 7 pound mark this week at her doctor's appointment. I think she's even getting some chub on her. Go Lexi!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Introducing Lexi Jo Gardner!!

Pictures are finally here.

Lexi has been such a good baby. She hardly cries at all and squeaks when she gets hungry. It's fun to have a baby in the house again. Tyson loves having the baby around and announces whatever the baby is doing. It's fun. We're so lucky to get 2 great little kids. We don't think Tyson and Lexi look that much like each other.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby ???

I name this blog post "Baby ???" because we don't know what baby girl's name is going to be. However, more importantly, baby girl is here and healthy. We had quite the night last night. Right now, I really don't want to go through that again, EVER. I hear you forget about the pain after awhile. I hope so. Here's our timeline
2:00am Woke up to use the bathroom. Went back to bed
2:30ish Woke up feeling contractions. I'd been having contractions off and on for a couple of weeks but this was a little different.
2:45 Started thinking that the contractions seemed pretty close together. Timed them <5 minutes apart. Went downstairs to research labor. Learned that what I was feeling seemed like the real thing.
2:50 Woke up Thayne and told him that the baby might be coming. We talked about what to do. I still wasn't convinced that this was labor. I was in some pain by this time but I could still talk through the contractions. Thayne quickly decided that we would go to the hospital. Started packing my hospital bag. I really hadn't worried about this before because I figured I would have a couple of hours once labor started. Called the Doctor. She said to come in but she was on her way to a different hospital to perform a surgery. We decided I would go to the hospital she was at. Called our friends to take Tyson. Poor thing. He was sooo sad last time I saw him.
3:20 Got in the car, dropped off Tyson, took off toward the hospital. By this time the contractions were probably a minute apart and were getting VERY painful. I could feel the baby move down and I was trying not to push but it was sooo hard not to.
3:40 Arrived at hospital ER. Contractions were almost constant. We didn't know where labor and delivery were located and I really wasn't in any shape to walk. I collapsed on the sidewalk in pain when I tried to walk in. We made it to Labor and Delivery but the doctor wasn't there yet.
3:49 Baby girl arrived and life got a lot better for me. I'll take the epidural next time. So we had our baby girl in a different hospital than planned with a different doctor but atleast it wasn't in the car.
Little girl weighed in at 6 pounds 14 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches and has dark hair (but not a lot). I think her hair will lighten up. We'll upload some pictures when we get a chance (and the camera cord). I'm exhausted but can't sleep. I think the adrenaline is still pumping. Thayne is back at school today. He had a big day with patients today and needed to be there. These kids don't always come when it's convenient, do they?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's Birthday Time

This time of the year is birthday time for our family. Thayne's Birthday is first and a week later is Tyson's and if baby girl comes on time her birthday will be in a week after Tysons. For Thayne's birthday we, once again, went and got our free dinner from Red Robin on date night and then celebrated at home on Thayne's actual birthday. Thayne has been pretty busy with lab work lately so it was nice to have him around and just relax and enjoy family time on his birthday. Tyson has decided that he loves cupcakes. He especially likes to lick the frosting off the top and then ask for more. Silly kid. Tyson's birthday was yesterday. He didn't really get that it was his birthday or if he did I don't know why he was so grumpy. I tried to do lots of fun things with him. We went to the park and the zoo before queit/nap time. I got him a happy meal for lunch and planned a fun party for him in the evening but things did not go as planned. I learned not to feed my kid all the treats he wants just because it is his birthday. Tyson threw up right before his party in the car (He throws up a lot in the car. He gets car sick and has a really sensitive gag reflex) so Thayne and I quickly tried to clean him up so that we wouldn't be late to his party. I had made a choo choo cake for him and set it on the car so that I could pull something else out of the car and the cake slid off the car and fell all over the pavement. I was devastated. Luckily we have really nice friends that still helped to eat the cake. Our camera ran out of batteries so I didn't get very many pictures of Tyson's party. These last two pictures have nothing to do with birthdays but they show my two favorite people. We were at Target one night and Thayne and Tyson were both dawdling. They were pretty funny. They were trying on hats, playing with balls, and just walking around being silly. My favorite was when Tyson accidently knocked over a bunch of canteens. He was trying to straighten them and just kept knocking over more and saying, "uh-oh" and "messy." It's funny how clumsy their little hands are. He would pick one up and put it back and knock 2 more over. I sure love my two boys!