Tuesday, July 15, 2014

4th of July

We had so much fun at the Van Tassell 4th of July. I love seeing my kids play with the their cousins and I also love playing with my cousins. It was fun to chat and reconnect.

Whoops! All the sparklers caught on fire. Sorry kids.

Tyson had a bit of an accident playing in my cousin's pool. We noticed he wasn't jumping far enough and so we taped him. He got better at jumping away from the wall after watching the video. However, later in the night he forgot and didn't jump far enough and slammed into the concrete. He didn't brake anything (I don't know how!) but it took him 5 days to start putting any weight on his foot. He has a cute little boot he wears.  Lexi now asks to go to the doctor so she can get a boot too. 

Utah Vaca again

These pictures are all from the new children's museum at thanksgiving point. We had a lot of fun. Thanks grandma for taking us!

This water table is brilliant!

America's pancakes

Utah vacation

4th of July waterfight after the parade in Kaysville
Fun at Aunt Joy's house

star hair for the 4th
family visit
playing at the new children's museum at Thanksgiving Point
Pretending to sleep in the backyard


We did it! Our first run. It's been a new year's resolution for the past 2 years to run in a race of some sort. I was originally thinking a 5k but why not go all out and run a ragnar. Here's the stats: Thayne and I both ran 18 miles split up in three different legs. Our team of 12 ran 197 miles in 37 hours 51 minutes and 37 seconds from Logan to Park City. It was gorgeous up and down the rockies. Thayne's hardest run was 7.3 miles straight up a mountain to Snowbasin. My hardest run was 9.8 miles down a mountain into Park City. I thought it wouldn't be that hard to run down a mountain but my body hurt after! We both feel that the hardest part of this race was the lack of sleep. We haven't pulled an all nighter in a LONG time. We had a great team and a great van. One of the runners on our team had shin splints and we got way behind but our van of 6 beginner runners made up the difference. It was lots of fun to have Thayne to prepare with and run the race with. He was a good sport about it all even thought I think he thought I was crazy sometimes. The kids all had a blast with Aunt Joy and Uncle Karey and are already asking to go back.

Mr. Dentist brushing his teeth after lunch

Thayne's selfie at 5am on his run.

Can you sense my exhaustion in this picture?

Great support on the team!

Summer fun!!!!

Mom, look what we made!
Summer at the library