Saturday, February 25, 2012


The kids were always happy to be in the car on the way to DisneyWorld!!
Thayne was riding a ride so the kids and I decided to try on hats.


Our vacation felt perfect! We LOVED the weather, parks, rides, temple, friends, hotel, swimming, everything. It was wonderful. I think we'll make it through this winter! Thank you Disney!

Magic kingdom

Lexi had a shirt with the mice from Cinderella on it and they noticed!
We have to put our arms up on every ride. Lexi and Tyson still put their arms up on every hill we go over.

Friday, February 24, 2012

ohana means family

This might have been my favorite thing we did. Tyson was eating up all the attention with the characters. It seriously was magical. I was grinning ear to ear the whole breakfast. SOOO much fun.

Hollywood studios

The first day we spent at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. We didn't take very many pictures.

Entertaining kids while parents ride the rides. There were 6 kids to entertain between the Moeller's family and ours. I don't know if you can truly count it as 6. Parker was soooo helpful and always perfect. Kristie, what is your secret? I'm pretty sure she is super mom. She always seems to know what to say/do and she's funny. Something I wish I was a little/lot more. We loved our time with our dental school friends. We've missed our buddies this year!

Friday, February 17, 2012

happiest place on earth

We spent the first week of February in the happiest place on earth. The weather was perfect. That alone was enough to have Thayne and I smiling all week. Seriously, gorgeous! Tyson's favorite ride was either the monorail or splash mountain. I think he was super scared on splash mountain but he would keep riding it over and over. He was IN LOVE with all the characters. His eyes would glaze over and he would get this huge grin on his face every time he was around Mickey and crew. I could get him to hug anybody by saying pretend to be mickey and go give that lady/guy a hug. It would crack me up every time. Lexi loved the pool the most. If we were back at the hotel, she would put on her swimsuit and beg to go swimming.
We had such a great time and loved seeing a couple of the families from dental school. The Moellers were so great to jump on board and come on vacation with us. The Trockels also met us for a day. It was fun to catch up. Little jealous of where they both live. Florida is so great at this time of year.
My favorite moment was when I maxed out my score on the buzz lightyear ride. I got 999,999. Thayne always beat me other than this one ride. He kept asking me what I was aiming at. Honestly, didn't have a clue. I'm either really lucky or I had a broken gun. Don't tell Thayne I'm admitting that. I have lots of pictures to post so it might be an overload when I finally get around to going through them.