Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tyson is 4, Lexi is 2

Birthdays are sooooo much fun with little kids. Both kids loved their birthdays and were so happy. We had a family day for each of them and I surprised both of them when they woke up on their birthday. Tyson called his surprise the "chocolate milk waterfall" and Lexi loves balloons so she got balloons in her room.
We also had a party with friends. Tyson chose 4 families to join us since he is 4 years old. A lot of the families had little girls that are Lexi's age so she had friends too.  I love that I can do one party for both kids. Someday they might care but right now they don't. We did a pirate party with tinkerbells so that we could include both kids.

Thayne is 29

Smores in the fireplace

Easter and St. Patrick's fun

Easter felt a little overshadowed this year by the 3 birthdays in our family the 2 weeks before Easter. We had lot of egg hunts with empty eggs around our house during conference and a real easter egg hunt at playgroup. Lexi and Tyson in their new Sunday clothes from grandma and grandpa. They got the clothes for their birthday but the first Sunday they could wear it was on Easter so they looked extra good that day.We had some friends that invited us to join them in their St. Patrick's day treasure hunt. It was so fun. I think we'll do this every year. The kids went outside to play after the treasure hunt and got soooo dirty, especially little Aelyn. Lexi is such a dirty little child. She is a mess after every meal. She loves to eat like a dog but not because she knows how a dog eats. I think she just tries to be efficient and thats how she eats the quickest. Crazy girl! Here's a couple pictures of her love of being dirty.

This is seriously how she looks after most meals.

First ER visit

Poor Lexi cut off the tip of her finger about 6 weeks ago and we had our first ER visit for our family. 10 minutes before it happened I jinxed myself by telling a friend we had never been to the ER. We were at dance class which is in the primary room at church and Lexi found scizzors and cut the fingerprint of her finger off herself! Her fingers were really swollen for about a week and burst the capillaries in between her fingers. I think she'll have bigger scars from that then she will have from the initial owie. She was a trooper through it all. I think it scared Tyson a little bit. He was so good at the hospital. We only watch movies at our house and don't have PBS or Disneychannel and he was glued to the TV. He could have stayed there all day.