Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas part 2

We left Tyson with Grandma and Grandpa one night and went and stayed with my brother and his wife. We went to temple square and tried to get my brother's wife to go into labor. It almost worked. She started having contractions and was up a lot of the night but no baby. Temple Square was SUPER cold. Thayne was freezing. That night we played rock band. Thayne has finally found a talent. We see amazing talents all the time and basically we don't have talents or hobbies but Thayne has found his. He was on expert level the first night of playing. The next day was our anniversary and so we went to Tucanos (Brazilian food). Thayne and I have done this every year for the past 3 years and we love it. Daniel and Whitney came with us and Whitney out ate all of us but still no baby. We missed Tyson a ton while we were gone but he didn't seem to notice he was having way too much fun with G & G. He helped Grandpa to build a desk.By the way, my brother and his wife had their baby on Wednesday this week. She's super cute with dark, curly hair. They named her Oakley Ryan Van Tassell. I think it's a cute name. Congrats!

Here's Tyson with his Uncle Karey and his fabulous slide. Why don't they make these anymore?Tyson had his friend Hugh on the plane ride home. These two did great. I was afraid they would be a huge distraction for each other but they entertained each other and both took long naps on the way home. I'm sure the Melatonin we gave Tyson had something to do with that. ;) We had a bit of a layover in Las Vegas and we brought Tyson's leash. Hugh would hold onto one end and they both thought that was great. Tyson loves wearing his doggie. Sometimes Tyson would even get down on his hands and knees and pretend like he's a doggie.

Two Christmases

We spent a relaxing Christmas here in Buffalo on December 19th. It was nice to be here for a few days before traveling to Utah. Tyson had a hard time moving on after opening each present. He got lots of car stuff. However, over the holidays he has decided he's not into cars as much as he was and now loves trains. We'll probably try to get him a "choo choo" for his birthday and he'll move on at that point too. We traveled to Utah on the 21st and had a wonderful time with family and friends. We kept ourselves busy by trying to make lots of visits and eating some of our favorite foods. We both think we gained 5 or 6 pounds. Tyson had tons of fun playing with my parents dog and his cousins. He made the transition to Utah much better than I expected.We got in really late the night we arrived. Tyson slept for a couple hours on the plane but then stayed up until 2am NY time. I put him down for his nap the next day thinking he must be exhausted. Thayne and I left to go meet some of my roommates so we put Tyson on the air mattress we were sleeping on. He prefers his toddler bed to his crib so we thought he would like our bed. We checked on him as we were leaving and he was looking out the window pointing at the snow saying, "down, down, (s)no." I told my sister to let him play and he'll fall asleep in a bit. (He does this at home all the time.) She checked on him after a couple hours and he had Thayne's electric razor in little pieces, our suitcases were open and things were rummaged through, and he had my makeup bag open and was trying to put on my makeup. We got a call from my sister and she asked if he could get up and play. Apparently he wasn't tired. He was so excited to be in a new place. He stayed up until bedtime that night. I don't know how he does it sometimes. I guess little kids can run off adrenaline too. He had SOOOO much fun at grandma and grandpas. After that episode we moved a pack n'play in the closet of the room we were sleeping in and that is where he slept after that. We all slept pretty good after that. This picture isn't Grandma and Grandpa's house but is his bed at home. This is how he looks when we go get him in the morning. It's pretty cute.

Sick little boy

You may notice that it is 4am here in Buffalo and I am wide awake. Not by choice. I'm a sleepaholic these days so I don't know how I'm still awake. Tyson has been sick this week. He came down with Bronchiolitis again. Apparently his colds can get in his lungs really easily. He woke up around 1am and since he's sick I was letting him sleep by me. Well he won't go back to sleep. He's still crying in the other room. I don't know how he is still awake. He wants to play and jump on the couch, read books, and watch movies. I just want him to sleep. He is not sleeping very well at all and neither am I. I've become grouchy mom tonight. I've been patient all week with him but I've had it tonight. It's been 4 nights since I've slept in my own bed the whole night (wonderful for a pregnant body --NOT). I'm all about letting kids cry things out but our little one throws up if he gets too worked up when he cries. I think he's getting close to that so I'm sure I'll be cleaning throwup soon. Tough love. Well until then I'll try to get some blogging in.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bowling fun

It seems that bowling is a tradition in our family over the Christmas holidays. We thought Tyson would love bowling and he did for a little bit. He would get so excited but wouldn't help push the ball toward the pins like we wanted him to. This is the face that he would have after the ball was released. Doesn't he look like daddy! Then he would patiently wait his turn. Don't you love his bowling shoes? He lasted 4 or 5 frames and then decided the arcade was WAY COOLER than boring bowling until I bribed him with a sugar cookie to stay by us so we could finish bowling. It was a fun experience but I was hoping Tyson's attention span would last a little longer. I'm a great bowler when I'm pregnant. I don't know why I can't bowl like this normally but both times that I've been bowling while pregnant I was awesome. Thayne's score is pretty good too.

Big news for the Gardner family

Thayne's soccer team almost won their intramural championship. They were ahead for most of the game but ended up losing. Thayne was disappointed. I'm not sad to see the season go. Most of their games started at 10:30 or 11:30 at night and I don't sleep well when Thayne's not home. He had a lot of fun playing with the other boys.
Tyson also has some big news to share. He's getting a little sister in a little over 3 months (were due the 2nd week of April). He loves babies so hopefully that will help him make the transition to sharing mom and dad. We didn't announce on our blog earlier because we didn't tell my parents until we saw them at Christmas. The first trimester was a lot worse for me this time around. I didn't feel very good until I was around 19 weeks. I'm already starting to get really tired again but I sleep whenever Tyson takes a nap and it helps me to make it. I popped out when we went to Utah. Must have been all the Cafe Rio that helped me put on weight. I'm nervous to take on two kids but I think Tyson will love having another sibling. Labor doesn't scare me this time around like it did last time but I hate thinking I can't see Tyson while I'm in the hospital. (They won't let kids come to the hospital because of H1N1.) I stress just thinking about it. I also had a bit of baby blues/postpartom last time and so I'm hoping that won't hit this time. Wish us luck but we're excited to see our little lady!

Meeting Santa

I love the holidays. I love that we get to see family and play so much. I love that people give gifts and show each other how much they care. I love that Christmas is about baby Jesus. I love the look on Tyson's face when he gets new toys. I love the snow at Christmas (but not after). I love the whole month of December. Tyson and I had a lot of fun at a couple different events meeting Santa. The first time was at the mall. They have a fabulous FREE Breakfast with Santa event. They give the kids breakfast, balloons, a gift, a carousel ride, blow bubbles, and have face painting. Tyson didn't love Santa but he thought Frosty was pretty cool.Even though the mall had so many fun events, Tyson wanted to play in this stroller car. The second time Tyson met Santa was a lot more fun for him. Our realtor invited us to a meet Santa event at work. He was a little scared at first but he was one of the only kids there so Santa and Tyson played hide-and-go-seek and tag. It was fun watching Tyson chase Santa with his doggy balloon. He wouldn't leave Santa's side once he realized how fun he was (and he found the basket of candy canes sat right beside Santa).