Thursday, June 24, 2010

Arcade and Attica Steam Engine

While Thayne's parents were with us, we decided to go ride an old steam engine through western New York. It was lots of fun. Another favorite in Tyson's life. Grandpa bought him a train hat and popcorn. We packed a lunch and ate on the train. They also had people playing the accordion, harmonica, and guitar during the ride.

Lexi's blessing

We blessed Lexi on June 12th. Thayne's parents were able to join us for the fun. We went on a double date with them to PF Changs. I LOVE that place. We also went to a primary picnic and rode an old steam engine. The steam engine will get its own post.Tyson and Lexi showing off their matching diapers. Tyson is so talented. He doesn't need any hands to drink his milk.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We felt an earthquake today. Thayne was working at the hospital and he didn't feel a thing but wanted to feel an earthquake. I felt it and wished I hadn't. Who would've thought we would have an earthquake here in Buffalo. According to the news it had a 5.5 magnitude, lasted about 20 seconds, and took place at 1:41pm.

Friday, June 11, 2010

What we have been up to

Lexi likes to "hang out." She really likes her swing and to be held. She smiles a ton. I'll try harder to capture the moment. Tyson has spent a lot of time outside playing in his pool. His favorite thing is to fill it with dirt. Such a boy!
Tyson is great with his little sister. She's not quite as taken with him. Maybe someday. Notice Tyson got his first black eye.We hit up this free carnival one night and rode this slide over and over.

Memorial Day weekend was spent at Letchworth State Park, aka the grand canyon of the East. Tyson was GRUMPY and so our time was cut short. He quickly fell asleep on the way home.

We got to spend Memorial Day with this cute 10 year old as her parents were in Wisconsin for an interview. Tyson LOVED her. He would stare at her and smile and only wanted to play with her. I loved it. We tried to take her to Bounce Magic. It was closed. We then went to the mall. Also closed. We ended up mini golfing. Then Thayne stayed with our kiddos and Savannah and I went to the cheap theater to see Alice in Wonderland. In exchange for watching their easy, cute, fun child, Brent highlighted my hair and taught Thayne so he can do it next time. I totally got the better end of this deal and I love my new hair!