Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Utah 2010

We had a great vacation in Utah. It was relaxing and so fun!Even Lexi had a good time.We played games, hiked the Y, went to St. George, celebrated grandma's birthday, went to a fabulous reception, saw old roommates, ate out, went swimming, had fun with siblings, cousins, and grandparents. Tyson asks to go to grandpa and grandpa's house everyday. He LOVES it there. Their toy room is much better than his room at home. Plus, they have a dog. What else could a 2 year old want? Tyson got sick while we were out there and had plenty of tantrums but he loved it. I finally got a hold of his asthma doctor and got his prescription filled. Daddy carried him up and down the mountain when we hiked the Y. I guess he was exhausted from being carried and decided to sleep most of the way down.
Since our flight was overbooked, we volunteered to be bumped on the "airtrain" ride home and so delta will be paying for our flights next time we travel! Thanks Delta! Which should save us a lot of money since Thayne is applying to specialize and will hopefully be traveling for interviews. We were stuck in the Detroit airport and had a ton of fun. They have a train so Tyson was in heaven. He fell asleep right before we got to Detroit so we carried Lexi and put Tyson in her baby seat. He slept there for a couple of hours. Delta also paid for our hotel room and food that night. We thought it was a great deal.

Since coming home I have spent the last 4 days trying to potty train Tyson but have decided to give up for now. He was a good sport about the whole thing but really wasn't catching on so I've decided to give it some more time. He's never really shown interest in being potty trained I just figured he was old enough so like it or not he was going to learn. I'll probably try again in a month or so.

Miss Buffalo

We took a boat cruise out into the Buffalo harbor to celebrate Thayne finishing the boards. It was fun and we learned a lot about the Buffalo harbor. Tyson loved the boat. They had ashtrays set up for smokers on the bottom deck of the boat and Tyson must know that smoking is bad because he gathered up all the ashtrays and stacked them. Occasionally somebody else would come along and put them back out but Tyson didn't disappoint. He would gather them up and put them away again.
Tyson and Lexi are starting to interract more. Lexi watches Tyson constantly. He usually doesn't give her much attention but lately I've caught him giving her kisses or tickling her feet.

We just got back from vacation in Utah but before I'm allowed to blog about vacation I have to put some pictures up from before vacation. We spent the 4th of July with some friends. Eric BBQed some amazing chicken and we all had a great time visiting and letting the kids try out sparklers.
Tyson loves the movie Ratatouille. He likes to put a food item in each hand. He puts them both in his mouth, closes his eyes, and pretends like he is Emile (sp?). Pretty funny to watch. The video at the bottom of this post portrays it a little better. Thayne took his second set of dental boards and PASSED!! Yay! This should help alleviate the stress this last year of dental school. This is how Thayne felt after putting in really long hours of studying. This is Tyson acting like daddy.Tyson got a new bike and he refuses to pedal. Sometimes we tie a rope to his bike and pull him around. He prefers to not have our help. This is how he smiles for the camera.