Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New home

After Hawaii, we headed to Twin Falls. Thayne started his job and we have been learning about the area and enjoying family time.
Thayne's first day of the rest of his life! Children's Dentistry here we come!
Kenzie is happy to finally have a bed and her toys again!

I made this for the kids out of the moving boxes. The kids had more fun destroying it than they did playing in it.

The bridge you go over as you head into Twin Falls. We watched some bridge jumpers one night. It was awesome!

We found this awesome falls. Come visit and we'll take you there.

Thank you Lowe's and Home Depot for new toys and entertaining us on Saturdays.
Grandma and Grandpa came to visit

This is my kid's favorite place. It's called Dierkes (pronounced like turkey with a D) Lake.

Shoshone Falls. Beautiful. Different than Niagara Falls but still AMAZING.

She's so cute!
Let's see ... we thought Lexi broke her hand the first week here. She didn't use her hand at all for a few days. We took her to the doctor and they don't know what was wrong but it wasn't broken.
I got a calling already. I'm working with the Young Women.
We are trying to make friends and get to know our neighbors. We miss our buddies in Buffalo. I think as we establish deeper relationships here that will help it to feel like home.
We love our house and the sunshine here but miss the green on the east coast.
I'm grateful for a husband with a vision of what he wanted to do with his life to make our lives so much richer. Not money rich. 6 years ago I didn't understand why he wanted to go through 6 more years of school but it's a good fit for him and it's a good life for us. We will be able to have daddy be a part of our lives and I will be able to stay home with kiddos as I want to. He's been enjoying his work and I'm grateful for his hard work and dedication and that he tries so hard to be a great hubby and daddy.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hawaii: part 4 - family pictures

Thayne's cousin's wife took new family pictures for us while we were in  Hawaii. The kids weren't very cooperative so I was a bit skeptical but Janny pulled it off!

This ones my favorite

Tyson was so excited to do a crazy picture.

Hawaii: part 3 - family reunion, cont.

Luau dinner

pretty girl

Love him!

Another forced family picture

Glow stick party after the luau

beach dancing

This banyon tree was pretty cool. It covered a whole city block.

Lexi fell asleep underneath my chair at the dinner on the last night.