Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thayne's birthday

We had so much fun this year for Thayne's birthday. Sunday evening we invited a few families over for dinner and cake. It was Tyson's first cake eating experience and he loved it (shocker)!Then on Monday we went to Red Robin and Cold Stone as part of the birthday club. The only thing we had to pay for was whatever I ate. It was great! I think we'll start doing this every year. There are so many restaurants that offer a free meal on or around your birthday.

YM Basketball

Thayne's Young Men won the stake basketball tournament so we went to a minor league game with them tonight. The YM were the only people in the North bleachers at the beginning of the game. We moved to a more prime location quickly after the game started and we realized how small the crowd was (probably about 200 people).The funny part is that only a couple of the boys on the team are members. One of the boys recruited his friends to come play. They're a good group of boys and had a lot of success and fun this year. Personally, I'm always a little relieved when basketball season ends. Thayne has a big calling on Sundays and Wednesday nights but during basketball season he is also gone a lot of Saturday mornings helping to coach the team.
We both love working with the youth. However, recently I was released and put in the primary. I really miss the girls but primary is a lot easier and less time intensive (Wednesday nights were tough on Tyson). Tyson and I are loving primary. Since Thayne is still the Young Men president, we still get to see the Young Women a lot too.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tyson and the slide

Here's a video of lil' Tyson going down a slide at Splash Lagoon. So cute! He would come up with the biggest smile on his face. We really had to keep an eye on him. He was not afraid of the water at all.

Spring Break

Thayne and I have had a lot of fun over spring break. We stayed here in Buffalo because Thayne needed to study and take a few tests. Saturday we went to the Palmyra temple, Monday was the zoo, and Tuesday we headed to Erie to hit up Splash Lagoon (basically an indoor 7 peaks). We stayed through Wednesday and had so much fun. Tyson loved the water. Come visit us and we can take another trip to Splash Lagoon.

Jackie LaMacchia's baptism

Jackie LaMacchia was baptized last week. Thayne has been hometeaching Jackie's family since we moved here and Jackie asked Thayne to baptize her. It was fun to be a part of Jackie's baptism. Poor Tyson caught the flu bug the same day and was dragged all over the place even though he had a 101.9 temperature. He wanted to be held constantly and would just whine in pain. Poor little guy.

Friday, March 6, 2009

the negative side of owning a house

This is a picture of our basement when our sewer backs up. I didn't know that you had to have your pipes cleaned occasionally. Well, now I know.

Fun in the winter

Thayne and I went skating a couple weeks ago with some friends. I honestly don't like skating. I've never been good and I've had a couple of injuries so it's not really my cup of soup. So Tyson and I hung out a lot in the snow most of the time. When I was skating I stayed close to the metal bar.

Tyson's favorite way to eat dinner -> messy!

vacation here we come!!

It really does seem like the winter here this year is lasting FOREVER. It's so depressing and makes it so that the little man (Tyson, not Thayne) and I spend a lot of time in doors. I've had no desire to blog (or do much else a lot of the time). However, Thayne and I got some really GREAT news today and so it has motivated me to get back to blogging - at least for today. My dear hubby was presenting his summer's research yesterday and he won a prize. Now Thayne didn't enjoy writing, compiling, brainstorming, presenting, or most other parts of this research journey but he did put a lot of effort in to it and gave it his best. He came home last night and told me that he had won a trip to present his research. He didn't look very excited but I was instantly excited b/c now that I'm a stay at home mom it means that we can probably go with him. I told him that we could go with him and he cheered up a bit and then I looked over the paperwork and told him the possible different places we could go. There are 4 students that won a trip and they were told that they had to decide amongst themselves who got which trip. The possible trips were to New York City, Memphis, Hawaii, and somewhere that hadn't been decided yet. He, of course, wanted Hawaii but felt that because of his personality he probably wouldn't get that trip. I talked him into talking to the other students and asking them to draw straws or something else similar to that to decide who got to do what. Well, Thayne called me at lunch today and told me that we are GOING TO HAWAII!!!! He was contacted by the professor in charge and told that he had the top marks from the judges so he got first choice!!!! I'm so happy that his hard work has paid off. Mom and Tyson will definitely sacrifice their time to go to Hawaii with Daddy! Dr. Thayne has also started seeing patients. Yay!! It's exciting, fun, and a bit nerve-wracking.