Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Maid of the mist

My parents didn't use their maid of the mist tickets when they were here so we got to use them. We went the after the first day of school for Thayne so he was tired but it was so much fun! I really think Canada got the better deal with the falls. It's so beautiful on their side and the falls are way cooler.

Tier olympics

Rain was POURING during the dental school olympics. They played anyways. Tyson loved running around in the rain but after a while I was sick of chasing him around in the rain so we sat in the car. Thayne's team won. He looks so happy in this picture. (They only had to win 2 games because of the rain.)

End of summer fun!

I haven't blogged in a while. I guess I feel that after Disney World nothing else compares. Looking back we've done some fun things. Tyson got to go to a couple different splash pads for playgroup. I love his face in this picture but usually he was more interested in the playground than the water.

We ate lots of hamburgers and had lots of BBQs.

Tyson loves to play with his buddies and he is starting to get excited when he sees his friends.

Our church had a campout that was fun. We went canoeing and Thayne went sailing with Tyson.

A friend took me to this awesome park and so I took Thayne one night. Thayne didn't believe just how awesome it was until he was there. They have this awesome waterfall and some very aggressive ducks. Tyson enjoyed eating the food we brought for the ducks.

My little boy is growing up

Tyson is learning to do new things every day. He plays ring a round the rosie, colors (kind of), puts his puzzles together, shakes hands, gives hi fives and bones/knuckles, eats hamburgers all by himself,
dances, sings, and can start his movies without any help. Most of the time he's quite delightful but he certainly has days when he's not. We sure love him!