Friday, December 10, 2010

Jo becomes George

Tyson is convinced he's 4. He's also convinced his full name is Tyson Jo Gardner. He knows Lexi's full name is Lexi Jo Gardner so he wants to be Tyson Jo Gardner. If you ask him daddy's name he will tell you Daddy George Gardner and mommy is Mommy George Gardner. I don't know why the kids are Jo and parents are George.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thayne went to Arizona for an interview for a couple of days earlier in the week. 4 hours after he'd been gone I was calling the police. Tyson locked him and Lexi in the car. The policeman was very nice and helpful. A couple hours later I couldn't find Tyson at church. He had taken himself to nursery but it wasn't the nursery he normally goes to. Tyson also decided to poo in his underwear for the first time ever that night. Things seem to run so much smoother when Thayne is here and I'm so happy he's home.

Lexi does this funny plank thing with her legs. She makes them straight and crosses them. She does this all the time. I find her under the Christmas tree a lot.
We had a fun Thanksgiving with friends from our babysitting swap. The food was delicious. There are some wonderful cooks around here. We went to Bounce Magic one night with friends and all of us had a blast. We also did our yearly overnight trip to Palmyra. Tyson and Lexi both slept so well in the hotel this year. It was wonderful. We got our Christmas tree up and Thayne and Tyson decorated it. I love the way Tyson decorates our tree. He puts the ornaments on the string of lights and says, "wook, I made a train."

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let it snow!

We didn't get our first snowfall until December 1st. Buffalo sure knows how to snow with style. We made the national news with the first snowfall! Our house didn't get much but a few miles south of us got TONS! I was so excited to build a snowman with Tyson. He loves being out in the snow. Wherever we go he avoids the dry pavement and wants to walk through the snow. Sometimes it drives me crazy. The snow wasn't packing very well so we made a small snowman and then angels in the snow. Tyson also liked the hot chocolate that he got after. I was also really excited to go sledding. Too bad the hill that I like to sled down didn't have very much snow. It's interesting how one area of buffalo got around 3 ft of snow and other areas had very little.