Thursday, April 21, 2011

yearbook page

Dr. Gardner's 2011 yearbook page
Until I can figure out how to upload a pdf to blogger, this will have to do.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

3 and 1 year old pix

My friend Kandis took these pictures for me. I LOVE them. She did so great! Lexi loved the attention and was really cooperative. It took Tyson a few minutes to get into it but he also loved the attention. I put Tyson in his outfit for pictures and about 2 minutes later he peed in his underwear. Good thing I had a spare outfit. Thanks again Kandis!! Love the pictures!

All girl

Lexi also had a birthday. She got a baby doll, baby clothes, baby stroller, a book and then some handmade gifts from mommy. I made her a tutu and some necklaces. She LOVES accessories. Such a girl! It's so funny. We fed the missionaries on Lexi's birthday and they were very entertained watching Lexi dig into her cake. She didn't waste any time eating her piece of cake and then asking more more. She already knows what's good in life. We love our little princess. Here's her 1 year stats: Height: 29 in (50th percentile) Weight: 18 lbs 7 oz (10th percentile) Head Circumfrence: 17 3/4 (50th percentile) She's got 6 teeth and 4 more SLOWLY coming in. She likes jewelry and babies and trains. She shares a room with her brother and adores him. She gives open mouth kisses if you ask her to. If her brother is watching a movie she likes to push buttons and mess up his movie. She's a daredevil compared to her brother at this age. She doesn't fear anything and it makes me nervous but it's also really fun. Sometimes she prefers daddy and sometimes she wants mommy. She's not near as social as Tyson was. She won't just go to anybody else but she is getting better. She's had a few nights at babysitting swap that she's been sad. I really want her to get over that. She loves being outdoors and fights taking two naps but sometimes she still needs two. We call her Lexi Loo a lot of the time. Her favorite foods are grapes and anything sweet. She will eat most things unless she can see something she wants instead. She won't drink from a hard sippy cup yet. She just dumps the liquids out all over herself. She has a lot of thick reddish hair. I love that she has so much. She's a happy little girl and loves her family. We love our little lady.

I'm a big boy now!

Tyson is now 3. In his mind he is officially a big boy. To me that means he can now dress himself and take himself potty. I think he wants to go back to being a little boy when I use his age to get him to do things. We had a fun birthday. Daddy was at the school for 10 hours even though it was a Saturday. He was taking his licensing exam which cost us $3000 so we were more than willing to spread the birthday fun over a couple of days and let daddy go to school. It was also General Conference so I'm lucky that Tyson is 3 and doesn't mind sharing his birthday with other things. In the morning we played at the play place at the mall and then found out the Easter Bunny was going to be in a parade. We thought the kids would like being in the parade. We were right the kids did like the parade but it sure wore us out. My friend and I had 5 kids ages 3 and under, no strollers, plus diaper bag and all. We were both sweating and worn out when we were done. When daddy got home, we opened presents and ate dinner. Tyson opened one box and said, "A box! Yay! My very own box." and then went on to the next box. The next box was much bigger and he said, "A bigger box! My very own bigger box!" We were cracking up. I included a video at the end of Tyson opening his bigger box. Tyson's favorite present was his GeoTrax train. He didn't play with anything else for days. I found him sleeping on his train one day after quiet time. Tyson didn't get a cake the night of his birthday. He kept requesting cinnamon rolls so we made cinnamon rolls. Tyson LOVES cinnamon rolls! He especially loves to play in the flour when we make cinnamon rolls. I made the dragon cake for his friend party a week later. I think it turned out really cute. In the picture it is missing it's fruit roll up wings. Here's silly Lexi on her brother's birthday. She is turning into quite the ham. Tyson's 3 year old stats: He is 30 lbs and 37 1/2 inches so he hasn't grown in 6 months.