Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vacation - Utah

Beware of a picture overload. I've put off this post for a month now because of the 500 pictures Thayne took in Utah. There is no order to these pictures.
My parents watched the kids for a day so we could go to Lagoon with my brother and his wife. I felt like I was in high school again. So fun! Lexi at the Hogle Zoo. So cute. The funniest story from the zoo is that Thayne walked under the tigers and he got a little wet. He thought the tiger had peed but the tiger had just climbed out of the water and shook some of it off. He was freaking out.

Tyson found this baby doll pack n'play. He would climb in it and pretend to sleep.

We stayed with my sister for a little bit in Cedar City. It was so fun! We played minute to win it, went swimming, and hung out. My sister and I fought a lot when we were little but I have so much fun with her now. Our husbands get a long really well and our kids do sometimes. Tyson and Jett played well for a week and then became frienemies. They would occasionally both be in timeout with their noses up against the wall. Don't you love Jett's mohawk? I was going to give one to Tyson too but he was hysterical when I was cutting his hair I didn't want to go back and have to fix it later so he got the buzz instead.

We took my dad to a demolition derby for father's day. I LOVED it! I just can't believe this actually happens. My dad's face doesn't look like he was that happy to be there but he was loving it.

love the mohawk!Cafe Rio. . . Oh, how I miss you

Thayne loved to go rock climbing with my dad and his friend.

We've hiked the Y the last couple summers. Tyson hiked a lot of it by himself this year. I don't know how to turn the pictures so you can turn your head. :) My sister carried her little baby up the mountain. I was sweating without carrying a child and her little girl is a chunk.

We visited a lot of friends and family. We didn't get pictures of all the people we visited. When we go to Utah it always feels like there's a million friends to visit so it's go, go, go. We took the kids downtown Salt Lake to ride the trax and play at the Gateway Mall. The kids had lots of fun.

The sprinklers came on one Sunday after church and the kids loved running through them. They don't have very many sprinklers here in Buffalo. It reminded me of childhood.

My sister and I made these bows.

Trampoline hair.

Cute Lexi at Aunt Joy's house

View from my parent's back yard

Van Tassell tradition of Leatherby's ice cream. Yumm!

I love my sista's stroller. I want one now.

Grandma playing with the boys

Bath time is so much fun with cousins! I have the whitest children.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

vacation - the cruise

Thayne and I had a great time on our kidless cruise. I love my time with the kids and I love my time without the kids. The food was great. The snorkeling was gorgeous. Weather was perfect. We went rock climbing on the ship every evening. We had fun joining the dodge ball tournament. Thayne's team took gold and my team took silver. Side note- there were only 2 teams. We liked Royal Caribbean's private island (Coco Cay) much better than the bustling capitol of the bahamas(Nassau). We decided to take public transportation to the pier because it was WAY cheaper than a taxi. We tried to hurry back to the airport to make an earlier flight that had seats available only to not have it work out and we were stuck at the airport for about 12 hours. Long day. At least we didn't have kids with us.