Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lexi would just sit down when she got tired.

Tyson had thank you cards to give out when somebody made his trip extra special. There was a disney artist who gave a handmade card back to Tyson. He drew this in about 60 seconds. It was awesome!
Mator, you are my favorite!

I loved the shows. They were amazing.

Tyson and cousin Addie got picked for the Jedi Training. They loved it.

I love this picture. Oakley has pure joy! Daniel is bored. Tyson is petrified and Thayne is doing his thing.
I rode splash mountain all by myself.

Vacation: part 3

We had breakfast with the princesses. It was fun but we liked our low key breakfast that we had a couple years ago at Disney World better. It was lots of fun for Lexi to dress up and meet real princesses.
I love Brock's face in this one.

Vacation: part 2

In October, we went to Disneyland with my brothers and my parents. It was soooo fun. Exhausting but fun. Disney is magical. We should make this a tradition.

We wore Lexi out

Still holding on to her pink umbrella

Lexi's look-a-like. She has a smirk that is just like Merida's. Merida was so sweet with Lexi and gave her lots of one-on-one attention.

Lexi's shoe on Kenzie. We tried to add some height to Lexi so she could ride the big rides. It didn't work but Lexi got some cute shoes out of it.

Night time water show was AMAZING!

Cars ride and cars land was soooo cute!

Lexi loves "Uncle Donnell" aka Uncle Daniel