Tuesday, May 23, 2017

July 2016

Stop growing little one.
Chick-fil-a day. We love dressing like cows and getting free food!
The kids LOVE the museum of discovery at Thanksgiving Point.

Hello. I'm so cute.
and chubby!
Yearly swim lessons

I found this dress at yard sale. Kenzie got pink eye and sick for a while. It made a good excuse to give her the dress as a pick me up.

Temple to temple run on Pioneer Day

Stretching before the race

First day of school. Yes, they start in July since they are on year round

Arrrrrr.... snargle tooth :)

1st and 3rd grader

We love when friends come to visit!

How does she sleep like this

Gale Center (South Jordan museum) had an anniversary. The kids had fun at the petting zoo.

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