Thursday, June 1, 2017

February 2017

Rare snuggles from Jordyn...
More snow and more tubing
She loves the curls
She loves her bag from Aunt Joy and her bouncy curls.

More painting in the office
Silhouettes are up!
Op room painted
Hall outside bathroom in the office
The girls started gymnastics
Another trip to the Gale Center with Allyson Ann

We went to the Winter Palooza for Kenzie's birthday. We actually went to be a vendor and work but it was fun for the kids too. They got to meet princesses, fingernails painted, balloon animals, face painted, pet snakes, go on rides, play video games, play in a sandbox, etc. It was fun.

This boy is so helpful with the babes. He gets her out of her bed, makes her a bottle, and entertains her. I get to sleep in when he's around!

Tyson lost another tooth. He's only lost 2 naturally and we've pulled a couple more. He is so slow on getting his teeth. Lexi hasn't lost any and she cannot wait!
We did the Safe Kids Fair

The same day as the Safe Kid's Fair was Give Kid's A Smile Day at the U. Thayne and the assistants did that while Jill and I held down the fort at the fair. I was so happy when they got there. I can sell Thayne much better when he's around!
I got a new calling and am back in Primary. I really enjoy primary and I enjoy my breaks from primary. They called me as Primary President. I did not see that coming. We had just told the bishopric that we were moving this summer. Since then we have found a house in the ward - didn't see that one coming either! It's fun to be in primary with the kids.
I love ??? I love mom. Mom love me. Today I me and my mom I love my ?? I goe to my gramma

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