Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Smiling baby!!

I know the camera is really shaky! Sorry! But, isn't he adorable!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Recipe Sources and Crazy Accents

We are having four of the missionaries from our ward over for dinner tonight and Natalie is making an amazing enchilada dinner. I'm sure that it'll be a hit! We got the recipe from a friend, who informed us that she got it from the back of a can. Who knew that the best enchilada recipe ever is on the back of a can of enchilada sauce? I informed some young men at church that we got a great recipe from the back of a can and they didn't seem too impressed. One of them is going into culinary arts and he informed me that he doesn't get recipes from the back of cans. I think that he's missing out, but I guess that it's not the coolest thing in the culinary community to get recipes from cans.
Anyway, back to dinner, or at least the preparation of it. Natalie was inspired by a hispanic sister in our ward to be proud of her accent. (I sometimes call Natalie on her "Utah accent.") She went a little overboard, though, when she made up her own accent while consisted of all of the accents in the world. I had no idea that you could mix so many accents at the same time! Having lived in England, sometimes I whack out a Harry Potter accent (okay, it sounds more like Ron Weasley or Hagrid). Natalie tries to imitate me, but doesn't quite get it right. She said that today's attempt wasn't to combine a ton of accents, but to imitate one accent. It just turned out to be the worlds craziest accent.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Trip to Utah

Ty and I went to Utah this past week for Allyson Pulsipher's wedding. We had a fantastic time. We missed Thayne a lot but he was busy with finals so he had to stay behind. Ty was great on the plane. I couldn't even get him to wake up.
Funny story while there: Allyson's grandparents are from Idaho and have a lot of Idaho pride (I thought Texas was the only state with state pride). Anywho, if you marry into Allyson's family you have to sing the Idaho state song. I thought that was great! I've been trying to think of creative ways of embarrassing kids that marry into my family someday. If you have any ideas, feel free to pass them on.
Thanks everybody in Utah for a great time!!!!!! I've posted some of Ty's pix below.

Ty's Photo op