Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thunder thighs

Tyson had his 4 month checkup on April 5th. He weighed in at 16 pounds 1 ounce. That keeps him in the 75th percentile for weight but only 50th for head circumfrence and height. (like his parents, shorter and chubbier) I love his chubby legs! They are sooooooo cute. He loves attention, will go to anybody, babbles a lot, and is a very content baby. Still wakes up to eat once or twice in the middle of the night, he's very ticklish, has the best giggle, likes to stand up, plays with toys, and can sit on his own for a few seconds. The doctor made us proud when she said a lot of the things he can do are more typical of a 5 or 6 month old baby. Way to go Ty! I've been feeding him rice for the last couple nights and he didn't like it too much but tonight he loved it! He would grunt at me if I wasn't giving it to him fast enough. He's such a delight to be around. He loves to smile at his daddy (melts my heart). He'll wait for Thayne to look at him and then give him a huge smile. Then he'll look away and look back at Thayne so he can play again. We love our little boy.

One last Wahoo!

Thayne and I are trying to end the summer with a bang before he starts the hardest year of dental school. We've heard so many rumors about the 2nd year of dental school. I start to get depressed when I think about the next 4 to 10 months that are ahead of us. I know I should be feeling sorry for Thayne because he puts in all the work but most of the time I feel sorry for myself because I'm the one sitting at home by myself. Enough about me being a single parent for the next year. . .

We had a great week last week. Thayne, Tyson, and I went to Darien Lake with the Caspers (thanks Brent for watching Tyson so I could ride some of the rides and thanks for taking Thayne on the scary rides that I wouldn't ride). It was lots of fun. Normal price to the amusement park at the gate is about $34. Thayne and I both got in for $17!!! That's like 4 for the price of 1. It was a good thing it was cheaper because we had to leave the park at 5:30 in order for Thayne to get home for mutual that night. This first picture is a ride that I had to sit out on. Not because I'm a whimp (atleast not this time) but because somebody had to stay with Tyson. Notice nobody is sitting beside Thayne.

The Casper girls were so good with Ty. Ty got his first ride on a Carousel. He was soo good all day long. He sat in his stroller most of the day without making a sound.
We got home from Darien Lake on Wednesday and were hoping to go camping on Thursday. We were supposed to pick up girls from girls camp (2 1/2 hours away) so we decided to go to the temple the day before and then go camping. Of course it was pouring rain so Thayne and I got a hotel room outside Palmyra. Oh man! What $80 won't get you! Rusty everything in the bathroom, the no-smoking room smelled like smoke, water was nasty, too hot, bad service, and they advertised for free continental breakfasts but of course they don't serve breakfast anymore. It's not like I'm picky when I stay in a hotel. Put me up in a motel 6 or anywhere with a pool and I'm a happy camper. However, we had a wonderful time. We went to the temple, PF Changs (yum, yum), and didn't have to make the long trip home after the temple. We actually didn't end up picking up girls from girl's camp but the trip was well worth it. Thayne and I've been joking that our summer vacation was a night in Palmyra. (For those of you who don't understand NY maps; it's like living in SLC and taking your summer vacation in Provo) We had a great time. It was no stress and lots of good family time. Here are some pictures from our fun night.
Picture above: Teaching Tyson about Palmyra and all the wonderful church history that happened here. He was more interest in all the pretty, colorful flowers. To a 4 month old these flowers are very distracting from the message.

Picture below: Cute, very white, family. I love Tyson's concerned expression.

Picture above: T and I at PF Chang's. I know the picture looks awkward with my arm around Thayne. We didn't think about that when we took the picture.

Picture below: dirty, crummy, motel room

Friday, August 1, 2008

Garbage digging and killing Shaneequa

It's probably time to give you an update on our adventures.
1) Tyson is our biggest joy and adventure. He's sooooo fun but he definitely wears us out!
2) Thayne finally convinced me to let him have a blackberry. Not only did he convince me that he can have one but he convinced me that I can have one too. How did he do that? Well, I originally wouldn't let him have a blackberry because I don't want the mandatory $30 internet plan that you have to buy with the blackberry. However, through Thayne's persistence and research he learned that T-Mobile doesn't make you get an internet plan! Yay!!! Plus, you get money back if you buy the phone on-line. Free phone and it's cool. What a deal!
3) Shaneequa died. For those of you who don't know, Shannequa was our 92 Nissan Stanza. Our first car as a couple and our friend. Well, we knew she was having major problems. She leaked oil, had a huge crack in her window that needed to be fixed in order to pass NY state inspection, doors wouldn't always open, windows would get stuck, etc. We posted her Sunday night on Craig's list for $700 hoping to get $500. By Monday night she wouldn't go faster than 30mph. We didn't think it was worth it to fix her up when we could sale her to a junk yard and get $350. When we tried to drive her to the junk yard she wouldn't move due to the emergency brake locking up. That's when we decided enough was enough and we called somebody to come pick her up. We got $250 for her. Disappointing, but hey it was better than nothing. Luckily we had bought a newer, more reliable car a few months ago. (My dad once compared us driving across the US in Shaneequa to the mormon handcart company crossing the plains.)
4) Thayne and I were happy to discover that our taxes went down and so our mortgage is cheaper and we had been sent a surplus check for the extra taxes we paid last year. Our mortgage is through Citibank and they are always sending us junk in the mail. If it’s not a statement, I usually rip it up without opening it. I thought I had accidentally thrown away the check so T and I dug through our garbage, bag by bag. It was really nasty. (Dirty diapers, pork fat, food scraps, etc.) We couldn’t find it. I was a bit worried but luckily the check showed up the next day. ☺
5) We went to the beach. The water was sooooo warm. I dug a hole so I could bury somebody but nobody wanted to be buried. So I buried myself. Then, Roland helped me become the 7 legged URSULA!!! Beware mermaids!!!!5) I quit my job today. Well I gave my two week notice. I've really enjoyed working for the company that I've been working for. It's been an awesome job but with T going back to school I feel like it's better for me to quit. I wanted to keep working but after paying for a sitter, taxes, and tithing it's not very much money. I've been praying about this for the past couple of weeks and this just feels better.
My boss is awesome. When I told her I wanted to quit she said she thought that might happen and asked me when I wanted to go to lunch for my farewell party. I couldn't have asked for a better boss. She's been awesome. I love that she seemed more interested on where I wanted to eat than that I was leaving her short handed.