Tuesday, September 8, 2015

August 2015

Our last couple weeks in Twin were a whirlwind. I loved Idaho and I didn't want the time to go quickly but I was also sick of packing and trying to prepare for the business while living in a different state.
Kids Art in the Park was a huge hit for the whole family

Tyson was old enough just to go off on his own. He can be such a good boy sometimes.

Lexi can make a beautiful bouquet out of weeds. It's a talent.
The playhouse went to our good friends, the Andersons. 
A couple more kids crafts at Lowe's
Thayne got in to leather working again. He made himself a quad.
Waterfight with the Loughmiller grandparents

Red Robin visit for grandma Van Tassell's birthday

Our neighbor, Larry, gave us a tour. He has a house FULL of stuff. I felt like I was in a museum.

Thayne's cake from the hospital staff said, "Dr. Gardner, Why do you hate us?" People really showed us a lot of love as we were leaving. I hope we can love the next community as much as we've loved Twin Falls and that they will love us back! We LOVE the people of Idaho. 
Pool party at Uncle Gene's
The new office
Tyson's first 5k. He did great and ran almost the whole thing. He walked for about 10 seconds and told dad after he walked because he thought I needed it. Silly boy. I'm still running 15 to 20 miles every week.
Fun in Uncle Trevor's car


We have loved living in Twin but Thayne was wanting ownership in a practice. We thought we'd start looking this coming year (year 3 in Twin) but last November an opportunity fell in our laps. The job was in Kaysville. It was a startup and it seemed like a good opportunity. We gave that up in January/February but basically were on the prowl after that. Because of the new dental schools in Utah, some of the pediatric practices here in Utah went on the market. One of the brokers that we were working with said that he hadn't seen a pediatric practice on the market in over 2 years. We saw three come on the market within a couple months. We ended up buying a practice in South Jordan, Utah. We are excited to go back near family and the state that made us a family but it's also pretty intimidating. Utah is a hard dental market and that's scary.
Poor kids don't have any room
We moved in on Saturday and the kids started school on Monday. We moved to year round school so they both missed the first 3 weeks of school.
One big 2nd grader and a cute Kindergartner
Frozen yogurt one last time with Twin Falls friends!

Saying goodbye to the Morgan family. Tyson started to hate the goodbyes and would hide when we try to take a picture. Poor kid. He moped around for the last week there. 
new house in Daybreak
The view of the temple from our house
The cake announcing to grandma our upcoming move
Our first event in Utah - we were on the radio
Tyson meeting the Jazz bear
The girls being cute

Friday, September 4, 2015

4th of July week

Family pictures 2015

Fireworks and glow sticks at grandma's house

Playing with Aunt Joy
We rushed back after 4th of July week to a summer picnic done by our 401k folks. It's always good food and a great time!