Sunday, May 24, 2009


We were able to camp with some friends this weekend. We almost didn't end up going because it was memorial day weekend and we couldn't find a campsite. We were able to get one at the last minute and go with some fun friends. Tyson is all boy. He loved getting dirty and wanted to play in the fire. Our friends had this cute little chair that he couldn't figure out how to get out of. I kept putting him in it so he would quit eating dirt and rocks.
He looks so cute in his little chair.
Tyson loved the tent.
We weren't "roughing" it while camping. Our campground had a park and a pool. It's not my idea of camping but it was the only thing we could find. If Tyson could talk, I'm pretty sure he would tell you it was the best day of his life.

The next morning we went to hike around some swamplands. It was pretty cool. There were tons of cool creepy, crawly things and lots of vegetation. This next picture is one of my favorites of Tyson and I.

Fun in the sun

We've been having so much fun at the Gardner household. Thayne hasn't had a lot of homework this semester so when he gets home from school or done with studying for the boards we get to play with daddy. One of my favorite things we've done is when we borrowed the Moeller's bikes and went biking. We've also gone on lots of walks, visited friends, visited PetSmart, gone to the mall and the zoo, camped, and ate a lot of ice cream.

This is a picture of daddy and Tyson watching Cars with Tyson's stuffed animals. Aren't they adorable?
Here's two of Tyson's favorite pals. These three boys are so fun! Notice there are two cars and Tyson has both of them. I wonder who is going to be a bully!

I hate throw up

When I was a kid I would get really car sick. To this day there are foods that I don't like and don't eat because I threw them up as a kid (for example - donuts). I was a bit worried that Tyson was taking after his mother last week. He threw up in the car three days in a row! It was horrible. I was afraid that I'd never get the smell out of the car. Thank goodness for baking soda. He seemed fine until we would get in the car and then breakfast, lunch, and dinner would come up and there is no way that his stomach is as small as his fist. The worst was when we were taking a couple of Young Women to the temple. The throw up was even on their dresses! I started carrying a pitcher around with us. We would even practice. I would pretend that he would start to gag and I would grab the pitcher and shove it in his face. Tyson thought it was hilarious. I couldn't capture his smiling on camera.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tyson's one year stats

Tyson one years stats were taken on April 8th so these are a bit out dated
Height: 29 3/4" (50th percentile)
Weight: 21 lbs and 7.5 oz (30th percentile)
Head circumference: 18 1/4 in
Tyson was really happy when we were at the doctors office. The doctor kept saying he was as perfect. I'm sure he was saying that for my benefit so that we'd keep coming back but Tyson was performing and showed them all his tricks. They needed a blood sample and Tyson's blood wouldn't flow. They kept poking him and it took about 20 minutes to get the small sample they needed. Poor Tyson. He cried and cried.
Tyson is into EVERYTHING these days. I love his little personality. He's happy almost all the time and sleeps and eats so well. Here's what Tyson found this week at playgroup while exploring the playground. Mom stopped him before the beer bottle touched his lips.
As of yesterday, he has taken a couple of steps. He stands up all the time now while not holding on to anything but hasn't gotten very much farther than that. He tried his first Buffalo wing a couple of weeks ago. I don't think he liked it. He seems to have his mom's taste buds. He loves all the food that I love. It's pretty funny. If I like it, then most likely Tyson likes it too. What a good boy! He copies us all the time now. It's pretty funny. Last night we had friends over for dinner and he would copy one of them. He folds his arms and bows his head for 2 seconds or so for prayer time. He loves the attention he gets and he puts on quite a show. He dances, sings, reads, loves to share, plays peek a boo, likes to be chased, and loves when mommy reads to him in funny voices. We love our little man.

Tyson's first hair cut

Some would argue that Tyson didn't need a haircut (that hair was really tough to grow)! Others refused to let their son grow a mullet so Tyson got his first hair cut this week. He looks so grown up in these pictures. I didn't take a lot off the top but the back lost all of his beautiful locks. :(

Free at last (part 2)

It feels so good for Thayne to be done with 2nd year. He's worked hard and at times slept very little. I'm so pleased with the effort that he's put forth with his studies, calling, and family. I know it's been tough to juggle everything. I feel that the worst is over but Thayne is still feeling the burden of the dreaded BOARDS this summer.
We had a fun weekend. Friday night we had dinner with some friends and then went to the BYU Ballroom Dance concert. I love BYU Ballroom. They are sooooo good. It was a lot of fun for Thayne because he knew a lot of the dancers. We hired a couple of sisters to watch Tyson and a friend's kids. We got home and were informed that Tyson had thrown up in his crib. They were convinced that he was really sick. We were convinced that he ate too much (he does this a lot). Poor kid doesn't know how big his stomach is. The poor girls didn't know what to do and called their mom to come help them. The next morning when we changed Tyson's diaper it was on backwards. So funny!
The next day (Saturday) we fixed our lawn mower. I didn't know you weren't supposed to turn lawn mowers upside down. Oil gets everywhere and our air filter needed to be replaced because of the oil. Doug Shaw was so nice to come help us. Without him we would have had to go buy a new lawn mower. Thanks for your help Doug!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Free at last! (sort of)

I'm finally done with the second year of dental school! Well, at least I hope so considering I don't have my grades back. I'm sure that I did okay. This has been a long, crazy year that I'm pleased to say is over. I wish that I could say that I'm done completely, but at least the "worst" of the dental school years is over. I'm looking forward to spending more time with Natalie and Tyson. I love them so much and wish that I could go back and spend time with them instead of the countless hours doing school stuff. I just hope that I can make it up to them from now on. I'm so glad that they were there for me when I needed help and support, and when the going got tough. When the craziness of school crept in on me and seemed to have no end in sight, I always knew that I had smiling faces and loving hearts waiting for me to come home. I'm the luckiest guy in the world to have such a wonderful family. I can't think of anyone better than Natalie to leave Tyson with while I'm away at school. Thanks for all that you do Nat! I love ya! Happy Mother's Day!