Friday, March 15, 2013

odds and ends

 We've been playing catch up with the blog recently. Here's a few things that we're missed.

I love the pictures Tyson brings home from school. I should take more pictures of his 4 year old drawings. This is one he made when they were learning about Martin Luther King Day. He wants to give everybody toy trains. 

This winter has been another mild Buffalo winter. We're not complaining but Tyson sure is. He loves the snow! The snow is beautiful when it's fresh and we can stay indoors and enjoy it!

 Kenzie slept in a laundry basket when she first came home from the hospital. Lexi did the same thing. Our small babies fit so nicely. However, Kenzie didn't really like the laundry basket and would usually wake up and cry if you put her in it. We are still trying to figure out how to get her to sleep well. 5 weeks since I slept for longer than 3 hours.... yikes!
 Annual car show that Thayne loves. Thayne's dad was in town this year and went with him. Usually it's a Tyson and dad date but this year it was a Thayne and dad date!
 Thayne went to San Diego at the end of January. This is the second time that Thayne has traveled the week before I have a baby. It's a good thing Kenzie didn't come any earlier! Thayne would send me pictures of where they had lunch or the beach. He has promised to take me next time...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Watertown, NY

 Recently we traveled to Watertown, NY for a job interview for Thayne and had a great time! Tyson and Thayne went skiing. I'm not sure if there's anything cuter than a kid decked out in ski stuff. We really enjoyed our visits to Watertown and thought we would take that job. Sometimes God has something else in mind. We have accepted a job in.... Twin Falls, Idaho. I never thought I would move to Idaho but I'm excited to be closer to family, temples, and good Mexican food.

Thayne with his ski instructor.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

 These kids love their sister and trains and they think baby Kenzie should love trains too.

This is how Tyson smiles for pictures now.

 People have been so good to us with this new baby. Our friend Kandis sent Lexi a new baby doll and Tyson a transformer helmet. The kids love their new toys.

 Tyson modeling dad's shoes and Lexi has on Tyson's backpack

Valentine's 2013

 I love the way Tyson and Lexi's Valentine boxes turned out. Thayne was out of town interviewing on Valentine's day so we're delaying it a month.

Tyson's snowfort

Christmas 2012

We went to Utah this year for Christmas because of the Van Tassell family reunion. We did things a little different this year. Usually we have Christmas before and then again with extended family. This year we celebrated when we got home from Christmas because of Thayne's work schedule.
Santa came to our house this year. Lexi was so scared!

visiting temple square - it was so cold but we got to see our friends, the Leighs, from Buffalo. I can't figure out how to make this pictures smaller so it's going to stay big

Acting out the nativity scene on Christmas Eve. This came to a halt when cousin Jett mooned the camera and the kids were going crazy. Tyson was the oldest of the kids and the only one to focus. Lexi just wanted to twirl.

Christmas morning
My sister used her boots as stockings

christmas fun

I love all the activities associated with the Christmas holidays. One of the days in December there was a big party at a hotel downtown with free pony rides, petting zoo, food, face painting, visits w/ Santa, balloons, etc. We only the events with short lines. There were a ton of people there and we don't love the crowds but it was still a lot of fun.

They also had a band. The kids love to dance together. I love when Tyson twirls Lexi. It is so cute.

These last two pictures are from our yearly Breakfast with Santa event at the mall.