Friday, September 19, 2014

Tyson's day in DC

Tyson and I went to DC for a day. It was so fun. He LOVED the Smithsonians and could have stayed there all day. He didn't want to stop for lunch or anything. I, on the other hand, have a short attention span for museums. It was fun to spend the day with just him.

I rented a paddle boat to give him a break from walking so we could see the Jefferson Monument. I didn't hear the rule about no docking on the other side and told Tyson to run up the stairs and take a picture. Shortly thereafter we were escorted back to the dock and told we broke a rule and had to leave. Oops. Tyson was a bit embarrassed. He said he heard the rule.

The butterfly room was awesome. This butterfly looked just like a leaf. How cool is that!

We also visited our friends from dental school, the Porters. Sadly, this is the only picture I got with them and it's only Graham and Lexi with no pants on.

trip to Baltimore

Thayne had a conference in Philly so we made it a family trip and went to see his family in Baltimore. It's always fun to visit.
Car ride to SLC. I could do with a shorter commute to the airport.

Entertaining Kenzie on the plane with selfies.
Pix from Philly. The famous LOVE statue. Thayne had never heard of it before he went. He would call me and say, "Everything is so big." We've been out of the big city for awhile. :)

Coresident, Rory, was there at the conference too.
We went to a big mall with Uncle Trevor one morning. Kenzie found a big cockroach in one of the stores. She would bark at it. It was pretty funny. She barks at any animal.
Oh Wegmans, how we have missed you. We LOVE you so. Please come out west. This store bring us so much happiness and reminds us of our Buffalo days.

Magic Treehouse had a sign by the Jet Blue check in desk. Tyson was so excited. He loves these books.
Kenzie trying on Grandpa's shoes.

My kids love the books at Grandma's house. They just sit and read and look at pictures and love it.
Before we went to the airport, we went to Neptune Park with Aunt Whitney and kids. We wish they lived closer. We sure love our time with them. This park is so fun.

Ogden Temple Open house

One of the perks to living close to Utah is the Temples. They recently renovated the Ogden Temple and the kids got to go through.

We took Aunt Joy with us. My kids love her. I have always loved the time I spent with her and it's fun to see my kids developing the same feelings. Joy makes some fun foods and Kenzie loves eating there (as do I).


Lexi is obsessed with taking pictures. Every time I turn around, she has my phone and is taking a ton of pictures. She does get some good ones sometimes.
I really wish I could lock the camera device on the phone. I guess Thayne and I make it in more pictures these days.
Lexi loves to go find "animals." It's pretty funny. "Mommy, mommy come see my animals!" Usually it's a potato bug or an ant. This time it was a slug.

Here's some more humor from my kinders:
Tyson: Oh yeah, I remember this game!
Other boy: duh, it's a grass fight

Tyson: Mom! It's back to the good parts!
Said while watching the Barbie movie and telling me it was super scary

Lexi: If babies eat spiders, they turn into a kid.
Lexi went through a phase where she would wake up in the middle of the night crying because of spider nightmares. There was a night that she was sleeping in Kenzie's room and I told her she didn't have to worry about the spiders in Kenzie's room because babies will eat the spiders. Totally worked and she was no longer afraid of the spiders in Kenzie's room.

Lexi: Mom, you push the stroller because dad is always busy.
Well observed, little one. Busy week, new calling, always studying.

Tyson: It's like a whole new world now that I'm 6

Mom: Do you want some chips?
Lexi: No, those are not good for my body

after being told that he gets no ipad time for a few days because of poor choices
Tyson: You mean that I don't get to play the ipad 2 days in a row?
Mom: Yup
Tyson: Well at least my brain isn't getting smaller. You know playing the iPad makes your brain shrink.

Lexi: Mommy, you should listen better when I'm talking
She whispers this in my ear after yelling at me to listen. We were talking to somebody and she needed to be patient for just a minute.

Tyson: Our lawn mower is REALLY beautiful

Mom: Get your seatbelt on so that you don't get hurt of die
Lexi: Actually mom, my hair will get white and then I die

Tyson: I have the best daddy in the world because he lets us have the biggest bowl of ice cream even though he's a dentist

Lexi: I want to be a Barbie when I grow up